Should Farms produce food during upgrade?

I wish farms should be able to produce food even during an an upgrade after all towers and many other buildings are functional even during an upgrade.

What are your thoughts regarding this?


It doesn’t need. It’s not take long time. in last level, it’s about 5 days!

Have good time.

Not only that, but also be able to upgrade units while troop academy is upgrading & upgrade spells while wizards towers is upgrading

You can’t live inside a building while its under construction.

Similarly, you can’t work inside a building while construction, other than construction workers.

So that logic justifies why only one thing can be upgrade at once .

Thank god I’m just 6 hours away from having all farms at max level haha

600 food in 2.5 hours, you’re gonna go crazy raiding now :stuck_out_tongue:

Like a rage monster :stuck_out_tongue:

There was long discussion about this on old forum. I think it makes sense that farms don’t produce food when you upgrade them so it shouldn’t be changed.

i agree it should produce food… Cause RR2 is so boring when u actually have dosn’t enough of food. (NO FOOD=Boring) -_-



This is just a game not a real life… :grinning:

That’s right, as if farms keep producing, it would be hard to find bases to attack as most of the players would be online then.

Personally, I like the occasional breaks it forces me to make when my farms are upgrading - when you know they’re full and I don’t have time to play it’s like “oh dammit, I am wasting food!” so I upgrade them when I don’t have much time for playing.

Also, when you only upgrade 1 farm at a time, the food production reduction is not too severe.

And don’t forget: Upgrading farms is an investment that pays back every minute after the upgrade for as long as you play RR2! :grinning:

I guess I don’t care much at this point but that’s how it should have been for both farms and taverns. At least partial. Its not like if you are renovating a building the business has to be fully closed. It may look ugly and you can just put a board saying - Pardon our appearance while we upgrade for a better look to serve you :wink:

Nope ur logic only justifies if u r building the wizards tower from scratch aka u r building a lv 1 when u first start the game, or when the look of tower completely changes. On all other occasions its more like some new features being installed. So upgradation should still be possible.

I don’t think it should be produced.

It makes sense that you have to sacrifice a bunch of food in order to make more food in the long run.

Now that I have no need for farm upgrade or tavern upgrade so YES… they should not be allowed :wink:


I agree. I don’t think any of the higher level people care either.

i want to say yes, but i like the way the game works now. 


i’m not going to vote

I think that everything should still work when upgrading but at a greatly reduced rate if it currently is stopped during upgrades so that the long upgrades don’t prevent usage.


Flare should have given us one farm upgrade, not 4 additional levels, which takes too long to make a break even point. Silo should have been enlarged to capacity 1000 by a single upgrade.


Farm upgrade should be 100 bread per hour and could store 250 bread max.


Previous max farm created 80 bread per hour and was filled within two and a half hours. They should have followed that line. Then it would be worth upgrading and waiting for a period without producing food from one farm, but even that period should be maximum 3 days (cooldown period between wars).


Previous amount by 4 farms was 320 per hour. So upgrading one farm at a time should take 32 days. First farm would lose 80 bread during cooldown, making only 240 bread per hour and 600 bread in total within 2,5 hours. Outside war season this would be acceptable. Upgrade next farm during next cooldown period, should produce 260 bread per hour, 280 next time and 300 last war cooldown period. Then it would be worth something. Within 32 days you would have 400 bread per hour and still are not limited during war season.


And for the ones who can’t wait and can afford it, they could upgrade even more farms at once during cooldown period, shortening the time. In extreme sitation they would upgrade it in just three days and could take a short break.

We should spend 112M gold and lot of weeks to get only 80 bread more and also time increased of 18 minutes ???

This is a real  SWINDLE