should firebolt towers attack with piercing?

Firebolt towers don’t do enough damage to king


How about more?

No need for more damage on my poor king…

you see, firebolt towers mainly damage units, not the king


they should  NOT attack with a lot of piercing, though

So, do you suggest to add some piercing damage to the firebolt tower or to replace some of the fire damage by piercing damage? 

Dat will be awesome… Because max firebolt tower is too weak against kings now… I can literally stand under a firebolt tower for a long time and it seems like my life regenerates quicker than I lose it lol…

" Firebolt towers don’t do enough damage to king " That’s a statement only high level players can make. How would the lower level players feel about this ? Would you then want them to spend more money on gems to buy more equipment just to survive the game ?


Let’s not prey upon the weak , If the towers are not doing much damage for you then go raid naked without any added shields maybe then you will feel the burn.


Besides i don’t know why anyone would want to add more damage to their hero anyways.


I think the towers are fine as they are now.


Thanks for the idea though.

i think that the piercing attack of the tower should be small for lower levels; smaller than arrow towers

you see, the firebolt towers are sooooo expensive (similar to skull towers) that they simply don’t do enough damage to be worth it; skull towers are too much more powerful


also i rarely use fire-shield-armor; it doesn’t help enough because the firebolt towers don’t attack with enough fire to make it more important than poison

Though, skull towers have lower range, can be sniped by cannons and are not that dangerous to the hero either, but rather to his troops.

true, true… but they do enough damage to make it dangerous to solo a base with them around

Revolt revolt is very good at making adjustments and I feel this adjustment is way overdue… I cant see how lower level players are able to clear top 50 players with just one or two scrolls… Something is wrong there… Adjustments need to be made and I feel it should start with firebolt towers.

scrolls should cost more, u think then? giving the top 50 players more gems? and take less trophies/loot?


but yes, i agree

although i’m not sure about starting with firebolt towers, i’m sure firebolt towers need to be changed at some future point in time

also, Royal Revolt’s post on Facebook, “How to improve a spear-throwing machine of destruction? By setting its projectiles on fire of course! The firebolt tower is popular among high level kings.The sound it makes while riddling enemy troops with arrows is rightfully feared throughout the realm,” makes it sound like it attacks with piercing and fire. 

However, it does not (as of now).

Flare games has already announced the Elite boosts, so who knows this might happen



Elite boosts?

If firebolt attack with piercing then we need piercing shield cuz one arrow from arrow tower at max level already deadly so imagine 10 arrows per sec ? haha I like firebolt the way it is now , not many kings can stand in front of 3 firebolt max level without taking significant damage.Skull tower for generally act to slow down king and of course kill reinforcement troops , very useful.

true! i did not think about needing a piercing protection. does piercing protection exist in the game?i don’t think i’ve seen it.

It doesn’t exist thats why firebolt have fire damage

interesting… i think though that they should attack with a little piercing (less than half a max arrow tower) because they (as lv 1, 2, or 3) die so easily to midlevel and even lowlevel players, and taking hardly no health. i killed my first firebolt tower in 9 days after i started the game. it took almost no health; it was comparable to the frost towers in damage. so i think it needs some piercing or something. 


actually, i just though of something. what if it attacked with normal and fire instead of piercing and fire? people can have normal protection (i do), and currently no tower attacks with normal.

From a “logical” point of few, if anything then piercing would make sense (after all, it shoots burning arrows, and arrows deal piercing damage).

“Normal” damage is like cutting/slicing, like a sword/blade hence not making sense for arrows…


Though, currently each tower deals out exactly one kind of damage. If we grant the firebolt towers two kinds, then what about all other towers?

Also, would require lot of balancing.

Having said that, with those elite boosts from alliances coming soon, I guess a piercing-damage boost option for firebolt tower might be more realistic than just a permanent buff.