Should Fritz be nerfed?

In the current meta, players can use Fritz to even beat top bases without even using any units. Should Fritz be nerfed?

I don’t think Fritz is really the problem here

I can do “solo” raids with Bela too, it’s harder but it works. And I’m pretty sure some players can do that even with Kaiser and Irmgard

Fritz just happens to be the best one for that style because players currently fill their bases with everything that has ice weakness

I don’t have it yet … but will get it in tomorrow’s event , and at last nerfing is a bad idea … we spend our time and money not to get items nerfed  and m still angry for nerfing Ceres. Look if it’s powerful add some upgrades to towers; why u take down the abilities of pal and taking down all the fun. It’s insanity and due to this I have mentioned many times players r leaving!" I request u to not post anything to downgrade , man it’s a direct absurd and no fun.

Hi there, I am moving this thread to general discussion -> pals&beasts. I understand why you put it in the battle section though, but the overall topic is the pal itself, so I am moving it.  Thank you!

I have lots of videos on youtube with Fritz solo raiding. It’s a very fun way to play and it can also be effective (if you have the right items and boosts).


Fritz is a very powerfull pal and it’s perfect for solo raiding, but here’s why I don’t think it should be nerfed: solo raiding with Fritz is just for show. You can’t really do that when the stakes are high (wars and conquest), which is what really really matters.

Look at Ceres. It is absolute rubish if you try to solo with it, but it’s a top3 pal when you add troops and raid with war gear.


So even though Fritz enables you to do solo raids, you have to turn to other pals for your more important raids (war/conquest)… otherwise you will be punished by having to spend more scrolls.

Fritz is very powerful, however, it has just the right amount of damage. In my opinion it’s a perfectly balanced pal. It has it’s pro’s and con’s. For one, you need to bring in a source of healing into battle. Fritz also gets trapped behind you when you attack an N base, where there are many chokepoints

I tried first time with fritz. I had no idea how it works. Not very good experience. Fritz just keeps running. And I think It’s a dissadvantage. It can maybe activate gorgoyle nest and trioxin tower. And also basilik become dangerous once fritz runs ahead towards basilik tower and come backs. When I face basilik tower it just hits me without any warning. It was all in one raid. So I’m not very sure if it works this way or just my misunderstanding.