Should gate towers be removed?

Since Flare has already given enough buffs to defense, should the concept of gate towers finally be removed from the game?

Yes and No. Yes, they should be removed, like you said, because the only reason they are there is to prevent 100%. But at the same time my answer is no, because, after they nerfed the Basilik at the gate (which was a really good decision, don’t get me wrong) it become much easier to defeat those towers at the gate. So, I mean, there’s no major need to get rid of the towers right now, but if they leave them in, I’ll be fine, same goes for if they take them out. :slight_smile:  

At the time of typing this, it looks like more people want gate towers to be removed (or gate towers not to be taken into account for the purposes of skulls during war and conquest).


Will Flare grant what the majority of customers want?

a good raider know how to destroy those towers :grinning:  it adds the element of challenge to the game  , what it would be like raiding without that fear of not getting 100% .? if they remove those tower i can take any base with just using canons and monks  + ceres or aska would that be fair ?? 

and no they don’t “prevent u from getting 100%” only they can kill a hero and prevent u from getting even 70%  i died many times destroying those towers and it only made me work harder to find a way to destroy them ,and made me more aware of timing my spells ;when to run back to monks and when to avoid running ahead  because of the coming of the wave etc if those tower were not there i’d just be another static player  

Ok, I would like to see a video of that. I want to learn too.

Do that on a top VL or RL base.

Wow, after I posted the last comment, many more came to vote “no”.


Looks like Flare can buff defense again cause apparently it’s too easy and gate towers are necessary to artificially add challenge to the game as without it too many players can just take any base using cannons and monks.

As stated above gate towers are only there to prevent you from getting 100% and the extra gold that comes with it.  I’ve seen crappy defenses but with 4-6 maxed out towers near the gate just so you don’t get 100%.

prove it

Gate towers should not be removed. But one thing can be done. In war even if you place 6 gate towers and someone destroy the gate without destroying the gate towers he still gets full/full skull. That would be nice. But for other raids, we can always take risk.

This is essentially “removing” the gate towers concept. It doesn’t matter if they are there, as long as players don’t get punished for not destroying gate towers when they have achieved the goal of taking down the gate.


Right now, a player who spends his entire gem and pearls forging 6 towers and placing them at the gate will cause another player to score less, as opposed to a player who properly plays the game as a tower defense game by having his entire base forged but has no gate tower. The former can even have 14 level 1 towers, while the other has 22 max level towers with heavy forges, yet, raiders would still rather pick the latter to raid due to the counter productive system in the game.


BUT, looks like defense is too easy as some players claim, that where’s the challenge when there’s no gate towers since they can raid any base with monks and cannons. Time for Flare to buff defense again then.


Damn it, I voted no because I read the question as “Should gate towers  stay  in the game?”. (God bless Mondays…  )

I wanted to answer: “Yes, please remove them at once, they only add frustration to the game!”


In my opinion, these towers only add frustration to the game instead of adding fun!

Not getting 100% because of one miserable tower is the worse, examples:

On war: Most ppl get forced by their alliance to put towers at the gate, just to save some miserable skulls… All while weakening the initial path (which I hate!)

Festivals: Getting 2 crowns instead of 3 almost all the time, makes one have to raid much more… Combine this with war raids + pro-league and guess what? No time on weekends to do everything. Not to mention again: The boredom of having to fight N more times…


Oh, and for the people who say that: “If you’re a good raider you can destroy those gate towers”…

  1. That’s really beautiful for the ppl who already have 2-3 items with perk for Hammerstrike/Sonic Blast, etc… (Which many of us don’t!)

  2. Being forced to use those towers near the gate… or using items just because of 2 towers…



Remember guys:
If you ask something from FG,
FG may give what you want AND take something from you (nerf/buf)
to make your gaming experience miserable (players have pay more, a lot).

You’re the reason the poll now shows more people wanting gate towers to be remained haha

Gate towers are fine, but continue the time as long as (gate) towers aren’t completely destroyed. Is that so hard to change?

When we have remaining time, what’s the problem letting us continue the raid until either 100% is scored or time has expired. Then it doesn’t matter where you place towers, it can even be a strategy in such case. 



I would definitely support this as well. Gate towers is just a lazy way to balance the game. If they balance the game right, players will be able to utilize all 22 towers in the path to protect their kingdom. In fact, I’d like to see the usage of scrolls as a “fallback strategy” where there’s punishment to it, i.e. every scroll used in the raid, will have a deduction of 5 skulls per scroll. With proper balancing, players will then use scrolls only when necessary, as they have to think on the spot, whether to get 5 skulls deducted per scroll, or lose the raid entirely if they choose not to scroll. A defense that “forces” you to scroll should cause you to score less skulls (as opposed to the current system where only the 6 towers at the gate that will cause you to score less skulls compared to defenses that are genuinely strong).

Gate towers should be removed. Those who say that it’s easy to destroy them, are those who don’t a play against top Alliances. With gate towers, you need to use a weaker combo which means you will have to scroll just to destroy gate towers. When you beat a base, you should get max rewards, unless you miss a tower Midway, that should obviously be a penalty. But, gate towers should be removed, cause it costs a lot of skulls, just cause guys put a bunch of towers at the gate. It’s a coward move, which most have to do with the current system. If not remove them completely, at least remove them from placing right next to the gate

Try to beat top bases with several towers at the gate without having to scroll, in war gear.

Just get rid of them

I’m really sorry.

There should at least be an undo button or something lol

I can change it, if you ask me nicely :grinning:

Can you please change my vote into “Yes”, Madlen?

Pleaaaaaaseeeeee  :stuck_out_tongue: