Should gate towers be removed?

Wow, nice to see “yes” leading the poll again.

Many thanks miss! :grinning:

I got to thinking about this because the subject keeps popping up.  WHAT IF… We have x-amount of time to get to the gate area.  When we cross the threshold into the gate area, it becomes like a boss level where you now have x-amount of time to destroy whatever towers are there + the gate, all the while being bombarded by waves of offense.  As soon as you kill all the troops in a wave, the next one automatically appears, as opposed to the usual however many seconds per wave.  Kinda like a game within a game.  No doom gate though as that would make it near impossible…

TL;DR: play the game like normal til you get to the gate, then A new timer is set and you have to destroy all towers,and gate before getting full rewards.  Like the old Super Mario Brothers. You play the level, then face the boss at the end.  If you cannot beat him, you do not pass/win.

Will Flare ever consider this idea if more people want the concept of gate towers to be removed (regardless of how it’s implemented)? @Madlen or is this a non feasible idea? If it’s the latter, it would be redundant for people here to discuss further about it. Would be nice to know =)