Should I buy?-

I already have a pair of Heroic (Gold) Wind boots at 15% and Granny is selling a pair of Epic (Purple) Obsidian boots with 560.8 defense against fire for 58 pearls.  Should I buy?  I don’t normally have to ask or buy anything but I can’t tell which is better in this situation as I just started using the wind boots I got from the Heroic Dungeon before Crypt of the Living Dead III

Fire shields aren’t useful for high king levels… but 58 pearls is very cheap, maybe you should buy and use when you find a base full of firebolt and the fire tower.

Yeah it seemed strange to me and it was actually 53 Pearls so I bought it for when I need it, I would like to find poison shielding for the armors, a blunt damage sword as my weapon, and the rest to have Leadership boost but I can’t find anything so I’ll have to stick with what I can salvage.

I don’t think you should ever replace wind boots, unless it is for better wind boots. The advantage you gain from running faster can’t be measured by any immunity. I currently have 22% wind boost on my boots, but I would even buy a 24% item, just because even that 2% can make a big difference.

Is there a max wind boost ?

For a mid level player poison protection is most valued rather than speed. Wish we could swap items :slight_smile:

The highest I’ve seen is 30%. I’m so jealous…

See I’ve been looking for poison armor rather because I’m a more reckless King meaning I take out the larger more damaging towers and spikes for my troops so I easily get wrecked by Snake towers and require that on any piece of armor, even some fire could be useful for the occasions where that extra burn could kill me.


Anyways the reason I was asking is I know the absolute value and power of the extra speed from wind boots but I don’t have the appreciation or necessity for speed as I literally just started with them; plus it was a decent deal for only 53 pearls.  It’s useful for spreading my Sonic Blasts and Bladestorms apart to hit more but I don’t need speed; I’m using it until I find a really high poison defense boots which is unlikely so I’ll have to stick with them.  Thanks for the input though, good to see who likes to help out and advise those bewildered by the game at times.

By the way, currently I raid without any poison shield gear, despite I have 2 items with poison shield.


Main reason is that usually the one big thing where it would be useful are snake towers. Except those, there’s of course boosted poison arrow towers, mortars and mummies, but arrow towers and mortar-heavy bases are rare, and mummies are best killed with spells or troops anyway, and can usually be avoided/evaded with the king rather easily. 

Now, the thing with snake towers is they get less useful recently, and thus are less often used in bases. But more important, snake towers kill your king very quickly even with poison resistance items. 

Thus, either using a heal or shield spell to remove/block the poison damage, or just sneaking past the snake tower and leaving it to your troops, is way better than hoping your resistance saves you from death. 


Thus, I wouldn’t recommend switching out speed for poison boots. 

How much a froster can obstacle a king with over 20% wind boost on boots. i have 17% on my shoes and i still feel the slowdown of froster.

See that’s a good recommendation Heroes, my thing is I’m stubborn on switching out things or change in general but the main thing is that around my level, almost every player I face is still in the “testing” phase of towers where they use a variety and snake towers are generally in the mix.  I haven’t switched out the speed boots as my boots were only 100 poison shield so it was useless in the extra protection.  For now I’m sticking with the speed as it can help a little bit or at least more than the common boots I had.