Should I Continue to play thsi game as a New Player?

Hello, I have started playing this game 1 or may be 1 & half month ago but I realize many players are already at good level & mainly having solid mastery points from Odyssey like 20k/22k+ where I am having only around 1k so I am thinking is this Odyssey thing is unlimited or is there any limitation to it? & as a new player should I really continue to play this game as I think old players are going to be stronger & stronger only.

Other things are fine i think but I am only worried about this Odyssey & the bonus old players are getting from it.

If you enjoy the game I would say keep playing. 

yehh i am enjoying it just getting hard for me to beat those old players & some of those are with griffin & even with phoenix at low level. [I guess unlocking troops system was different in old times]

No, it was always the same, although the islands have been tougher or easier at different times. Buying the big gem packs gives you a LOT more dominance so you can unlock monsters early. 

But to your original point, if you’ve been playing for a little more than a month, it will be 1, 2, maybe 3 years before you face players with 20k+ fame. I’m of the opinion that if a free game gives you a year+ of daily enjoyment, it’s a pretty good game. But that’s your decision to make. 

@CHALLENGER to give you an example when I started playing Athena was unlocked with 200000 dominance, the improvements were much longer to get, so play, have fun and do not ask absurd I’ll tell you (and everyone can confirm) that are among those who fought for months to make the game easier for new players

I mean look at this… even though i beat those beasts still I can’t make it due to time end :slightly_frowning_face:


Anyways I think I am playing for now  as game is good & I am loving it ?

Well hey, maybe that would be a good model to base your own defense on. But when in doubt, level up your heroes. 

@CHALLENGER Keep playing if you are happy with the current blessings that you have and war blessings that you can win.

After 4.0.update,99% of players can’t have Chaos Gate at all,never will try 3 new war blessings because,sadly,only old elite players use them permanently. Later,when you find these players on your map,you will see difference between classes.

CHALLENGER, don’t worry, we’ve all been through cycles.

For a certain period, you can progress fast, and another period, you can easily be stuck/stagnate for more than a week.

I was stuck at 10K Trophies for  over  a month, because I had very tough opponents.

Take your time to upgrade your Heroes/Spells/Troops, etc.

Hi @CHALLENGER whether you stay depends on what you really want from the game - if you just want enjoyment and some competitive action in wars at low/free cost, I’d say stay and play while it’s fun.  

If you want to be a contender at the top or near the leaderboard, you’re probably looking at 2 years daily active play time - oddessy % boosts do have a cap (I’ve heard figures but can’t confirm what the limit is) so one day the players with 25k fame will hit that cap first. 

I’ve been playing around 14 months and made it to the top 50 recently (that’s by playing almost everyday) and only have 13k fame points (I don’t really notice a great difference it’s about chosing the ‘right’ oddessy choices). Doubt I will make the top 10 as they had a huge trophy headstart and there are other factors that you would be unaware of. It can be done - I think the game is slowly getting better now, as the devs are starting to make the game more accessible to lower lvls - for example the considerably shorter power upgrade time.

Thanks All for all the help. It’s just I am thinking that game is now 2 years old so should i really try to play & compete or should i move to new games as my chances to be at top player list are higher in new game.

I really like this game & I am playing it for now at least till I get another new game like this ? I am just hoping OR 2 will come with more improvements & new stuff.

The game worldwide release was in May 2016, but the very first players on iOS started to play in April 2016. So the game is actually close to 3 years old.

You may have a chance to be at top only if the Ascension lvl is capped at 150. We don’t know if the devs will eventually raise that cap again…

Remember you can stop progressing and do only odyssey to up your fames to be stronger. I have do that on my ipad account and its fun be triple strong more than the opponent. 3,800 fames at only level 58.

So if you want you can have 10,000 fames at level 60. Just you need to sacrifice some weeks if you do nothing

Like us who was already at level 100+ when the odyssey come had a huge impact. Very low fames. At ascension 105 I had only like 3500 fames

Now I since I have restarted at Ascension 87 I am at 5,500 fames. So at Ascension 105 I will be at 10k+ 


Thanks a Lot, Not going to lie but i too thought about this idea as well i can unlock all troops at low level by gaining more dominance but then it will take so much time to max out things as I heard higher level for buildings or anything requires so many days & as game is now 3 years old i dropped that idea & decided to update as possible with available worker, gold & wisdom.