Should I get Ceres?

I’m thinking about getting Ceres, the Pro Pal, for 25,000 Crystals (a lot of Crystals), and I wanted to ask your opinions?

Do you think Ceres is worth it?

What Troops is Ceres best used with?

When he copies Troops, does the copy have as much Health as the original?

Is he best used with high Morale or low Morale Troops?

ceres is the best pal,its worth buying.

it depends ,i’m using ceres for dragon combo,works with all dragon  combo,

when it copies,copied troops wont be having full health,so better use monks or shield when using ceres.

its best with any combo,since the copied units or ghost units,lightning cant attack them

Thank for the info.

So just to check though, I could heal them back up to full health?

Yes it’s like units from black magic, you can heal them.

And he deals damage on the opposite path, he can destroy skull tower (when is low hp). You can use him with pyro, ogre… He will help You win easily :grinning: