Should I save my daily pal chests?

Are pal chests affected from pal event even they are collected when there isnt any pal event? Should I save them? 

Another thing is pal chests are still same as they are normal daily chest. Seems no increased possibility to find pal just like last pal event. 

I saved 50 daily pals chests to open during this event. Only got 1 Growl from it, which confirms that the increased drop rate only affects chests collected during the pal event. 

You are just unlucky. Remember chests are random in this game. You have open 50 chest and got nothing. Other can open the same amount and got 10 or 15 pals. Each time in pal collector I obtain 5-10 pals. Will see in this one

If you can collect them before the event its better. That guaranteed at least 5-10 pals for 7 chests. So if you get 20+ you can have 15-20 pals or more

I’ve opened 20 “regular” chests and got 0! so i’m of the same mind as Arrebimba.

But it happened in last pal collector event too. everyone was unlucky

I will open mine at the end of the event and see. If Flare have do this again like last time. Its a new way to stole money from people. Its not correct. I hate money trap. I feel sad for the one who spend money or gems to get chests. Last time everyone have thinking they have just forget to up the chances in chest. If they did again then they have drop the % at 0.1 so you must open 100 chests to get 1

so i guess no more easy pals in pal collector like I did before? :slightly_frowning_face: 5-10 pals each pal collector. Bad really bad. That was my only way to give donation pals. Now still only Conquest Pal chests :slightly_frowning_face: who offer pals


We’re not discussing pal chests collected DURING this event.

We’re discussing the pal drop rate from daily pal chests collected BEFORE the event started.

I know I have understand thanks

Same the chests during this event was not better. 10 chests for 1 Bucky. Flare have clearly drop the % in a horrible way. No more pals

Yup, usually we get not more pals during an “collector event”. 

Well, if the basic chance to get a pal from a chest is let’s say 1% and they increase the chance by 30% then it is 1,30% in total. Top! ?

In this pal collector event i didnt get any pal ??though i gt skip some chest. 

Hey guys,

Thanks for the feedback, I will forward it.

You got 1 pal. I got “0” (zero) pal ? - SUPER EVENT (of course joke)

I think it’s better if it only applies to the chests found during the event, because it’s not fun to feel like you need to save your pal chests until the event comes around.  But I’d agree the drop rate across the board seems low.  My wife is lvl 60 and still hasn’t found a single Kaiser.

I had ~40 free pal chests collected before the event, I got 3 or 4 pals in ~15 chests then I stopped opening because they were all Archimedes 

Also got 0 from the event… for an “event” it was pretty lame…