should i wait for a package w worker?


i have 4 workers now and will need 2 more workers if possible. i got my 4th worker from a package. its been almost 2 days that i wasn’t able to build anything as my workers are tied for 2 to 4 days building. I’ve been waiting for next package for almost 4 weeks but im not getting any offer. is there going to be discounted price for workers or just keep waiting until i got an offer?

If you want to buy a starter pack (1 worker; 500 gems) you need to have less than 280 gems on you. Otherwise you will not be offered the package.

If you want to buy the 3 workers package (variable gem cost), and since you already have 4 workers, you need to have LESS than 1650 gems.

Most times people have too much gems so they never get offered any of the worker packages.

correct, have less gems than you need, but use the achievement trick to get them. Save the gems you’ve earned from quests and collect them when you want to get a package that is good

it appears i wont get an offer then since i have 13k gems. is there an event where worker’s are discounted? and when?

There is an event with this called the “Boost Your Castle” event. I think it’s 30-50% off workers, not sure which one though. There is no knowing when this event will next come out unfortunately

thank you very much bro

That doesn’t work. As soon as you finish a gem quest, it doesn’t matter if you collect it asap or not, the effect is the same (it counts as if you already collected them).

that’s not the way it used to be, I know a player who used that trick

My last worker offer was 1,5 years ago I think.

You don’t receive offers if you have stored (unclaimed) achievements since they count towards your total gems. Only unclaimed gem dungeons and gems through the voucher bazaar do not count towards your total current gems (what flare looks at before sending offer).


Nowadays (for over half a year at least) it works the way I said.


Drop gems and you’ll get the offer.