Should like any legendary items sales


a gold for legendary items

Wow, cool!

I think I never saw that before! :slightly_frowning_face:

already …  :grinning:

This happened to me just yesterday but I never bought them since I wasn’t even close to having enough gems

Please take a look at the attached screenshot - neither of both displayed legendary items required gems. One required pearls and the other gold.

So what do you actually want to say?

I never had enough of anything to get legendary items

Oh ok then :wink:

Don’t despair, at lower levels I didn’t have legendary items either.

Despair is all there is

You do get legendary for gold but very rare to see on a crown with nice gold boost.


Till Level 70 I just used gold to buy everything (i was spending gems on spins though so not sure if i wasted too many of them in spins). When it goes to like 5 gems per spin, I use to buy a low gear to reset to 1 gem.

Today while i was spinning in search of poison shield items, I came accorss a legendary helmet with 450 increase to my leadership and 13.2% gold boost(My old one was way too low with 1100 leadership less and only 7.5%) for gold. It was 3.73mil gold and I just put a free gold shield at 4.5mill waiting to collect 5mil for my final shield spell upgrade. I guess that useless shield can wait. This is the costliest item i ever bought with gold.

Oh man…but am I the only one I got no interesting offers since weeks!!!  :slightly_frowning_face: