Should Phoebe level 1 to level 3 be nerfed as originally planned?

Flare originally intend to nerf Phoebe level 1 to level 3. Many players complained so Flare stopped. Many players continued to complain after Flare stopped. Yet, no poll has been created to actually see how many wish for the original plan to continue.


I think with a poll, players can once and for all close this discussion and accept the results as it is.

“players” != this forum community. Such a poll here should be irrelevant for Flare’s decisions.

By this logic, Flare should ignore all the complaints posted in the forum then?


It’s just a poll, don’t be so sensitive about it. What Flare does with the results is up to them.

Indeed it is very dangerous for Flare to take the comments in this forum as “player Votum”. I mentioned this already some time ago, and in the meantime they also added an in-game poll, that can provide a more relevant result for game development decisions.

I just mentioned this because of your hope that this poll and its result can “close this discussion and accept the result as it is”.

PS: “ignore” - no, Flare should not ignore the result, but it should be given the correct relevance. At this time there is 1 “yes” and 4 “no” votes. This does not mean that 20% of the players vote “Yes” and 80% “No”, but (for the ease of calculation, and because I don’t have any exact number, so let’s assume 100k players of RR2), that 0.001% of the players voted “Yes”, and 0.004% voted with “No”. Let’s hope your poll gets 50k votes, and then still the player participation is only 50%. So much for the relevance of this forum votings.

Flare does have ability to let players give their opinion. We already had it in the past that they asked us that way with surveys. So maybe that’s an idea to check it to represent the community. Still I appreciate this poll.

Although I answered yes, I am i  doubt if level 1-3 really should be nerfed, since it’s a matter of time that alliances will have higher level beasts.  Suddenly being confronted with a level 4 would be devastating and we can then ask same for level 4-6 and so on. I would suggest instead to limit the number of heal puddles to make that beast not endless surviving. I now know what I did wrong when I lost against phoebe. With the new approach, against low level phoebe I seldom fail nowadays. 

I was honestly surprised that number of phoebes required is actually not high. To release level 1, 1*25 is required, for level 3, 75(3*25)and so on. Teams playing conquest in top 3 tiers should get enough crystals to donate phoebes every 1-2 conquests. So I am actually surprised that a lot of teams just have level 1-3 phoebe.

I understand that players first go for pro items that help them to improve their raid, still a team that agrees to donate phoebes with those crystals, should unlock a couple of levels within a few months.

My team did need to work hard to release level 1. After improved rewards during conquest however, we released level 2 quite easy, while not a lot of players donate phoebes.

Players who do not participate in forum polls / discussions should not be counted.

They simply “eat” what they are given. There are all representatives from 20 to 130 levels. Who understand the mechanics of the game and whose opinion is respectful. Also, leaders of alliances who voice the opinions of all members. The rest just play and they do not care what happens.

You look at 1 as at 1, but this is not so.

No, you’re wrong. Forum members  who do not participate in forum polls / discussions should not be counted - that’s correct. But 99.9% of all players don’t even know that this forum exists, nor can participate because of English language only. Again, a forum poll is what it is - a forum poll. Its relevance for decisions affecting all players is like 0.1%, aka “non existent”.


Hi guys, I personally think forum polls are important too, because the forum mostly represents our most engaged players that know the game inside out. They are usually also very well connected within the community and speak for more players. A poll or heavy discussed topic on the forum can give a clear indication of points that would also be important to the greater fan base. If we wouldn’t think that way we would not have a forum at all. But yes, on the other hand, numberwise it also is only a smaller percentage of the players and players who have a higher player level. Since this is a topic that is also important to low-level players it is good to hear their voices too to get a representative base. On top of that, the forum survey software is not very advanced. But then again, sharing your opinion here on the forum is the most direct way to talk to us developers and we are very thankful for the time you take to discuss here with us.

So you all are correct :wink:

And it is Friday so cookies for all ???

Hell no, levels 1 to 3 shouldn’t be nerfed. The difference between those levels isn’t really a lot, and those are by far the easiest to take down. If you were gonna nerf levels, nerf the later ones, but even then I wouldn’t agree with that, cause teams will have put a lot of work into getting those

BS lol. I’d be willing to say that at least 50% of the players know about the forums. Do you think I joined as soon as I saw the forums? No. There are tons of players who know about the forums, but don’t make accounts

Given that usually the answers to the Phoebe nerf polls are always

  • High level players say NO
  • Low level players say YES

I think we need a better type of poll to provide more info regarding the voter, maybe with an external site or something.

We need at least 1 more useful info that the player should give: the player level.

That way, we can effectively trace on which hero levels there’s a need to change or even restrict the use of Phoebe.

Doing general polls like these will keep yielding the same results…

Inconclusive :slight_smile:

I’m high level and I voted yes. If lower level players really want it to be nerfed, then just nerf level 1-3 which are applicable to them.


The effect will not be permanent per se because when they outgrow that phase, they can proceed to have Phoebe above level 3 and go against Phoebe above level 3 themselves. 


The level 3 benchmark was set by flare themselves in their original post. It’s not something I biasly pluck out of thin air.


I’d say just give the lower level players what they want, IF that’s what the poll shows. If the poll shows otherwise, then this can become a reference point to end future complaints they have about Phoebe in the forum.

I am a lower level played and I voted NO.

I have no problems taking down Phoebe of various levels. 

I use pro archers, Ogres and Wolves - along with Shield spell. 

THANK YOU! There are many combinations to take down Phoebe and almost all of them work. If you don’t have boosts, no problem, just check out Surviva’s guide here: 


you are right @awesomestknightest  many combinations and some training and Phoebe is no Problem

That’s the problem.

With this poll, you have no idea where the majority of the votes are coming from, if from high or low levels.

Although I do understand perfectly that there’s people from different ranges who want the nerf.

What I mean is that this poll is too “generic”. You’ll either  nerf for all players, or for no one.

I don’t agree with that, but let’s see what people vote.

I don’t think its a problem of combo, there’s seems to be people who to nerf it besides being able to beat it.

But others who are new to the game and in some cases too weak are maybe uninformed…

Who want to nerf it.

That’s why I’d like a better poll and not one as generic as this one.

This poll is too binary in my opinion as I said to Lacuna, but let’s see what “everyone” as a whole, wants then.

Would be interesting to see how many alliances actually have phoebe above level 3 and then correspond their votes to that fact. I voted no because why would I want something nerfed that effects my alliance. Now if you’re in a top alliance or an alliance with phoebe 4+ why wouldn’t you vote yes? The nerf wouldn’t apply to you but would apply to the vast majority of players using it in their defense. That’s a win win situation for high level alliances/players.

Your point is spot on.