Should the trophie system remain the main objective of the game? //VOTE\\

Forum did not allow me to use POLL system so post answer/comment.

  1. Yes!

  2. No!

  3. No! It should be a combination of things.


I added a poll :slight_smile:

Perfect! Thank you!

Well since we all need gold to upgrade everything its hard to not care about it when it greatly affects our raid incomes.

O say yes if u can get game to reflect other items = better trophies reward


would consider to make 2 leader boards, one for trophies and another for ascension level

just stop giving trophy reward for attacking a higher lvl 10+ then your own lvl and not beat his defence!! they already get a nice reward bonus if they beat it, because of his high lvl and his trophy count doesnt matter… this still make it hard to play for high lvls and will balance trophy system more! defence should be rewarded also!!