Should we have 2 wars instead of 2 Ninja Event a month?


In my opinion, Ninja Event is by far the most boring among the 3 events (Ninja, War and Conquest). People love Ninja event not because it is exciting to play 30 levels of solo game twice a month, but purely because of the rewards.


IF, Flare can just increase the rewards of war, being a multiplayer game, should there be 2 wars a month instead of 2 Ninja Event?


Hi LacunaC,

We hosted a survey ourselves not too long ago because we wanted to know as well. :slight_smile:


You have a good point in that. War season is more exciting than ninja event - yes. But from the other side is more time and gem consuming and this is a reason why people like it less then ninja. Maybe some rework will make it more interesting. Some pizes rework and mayby scrolls/resurrections limitations per one fiefdom.

Yet season’s timing is far better then conquest. Personally I would like ninja->season>conquest->ninia->season rythm.


I like both war and ninja, but the ninja event should definitely be the event that is placed every 2 weeks. The war is really fun, however, like Laza said, it can be very time consuming. The ninja event is kind of a relaxing event. You don’t have to do attacks every day (though it is convenient to). You have 3 days to finish the whole thing and you don’t have to rely on anyone else but yourself to get your own rewards. Of course, you can’t defense ninja’s without full participation, but you get my point. While war and ninja are both fun events, I think ninja beats war in the long run :slight_smile:  


I hope that ninja upcomming rework will make it a bit spicy for top players. Now some of my friends make it in a speed gear without units :grinning: And as Madlen pointed it out: it was a community request to make events rythm that way so replacing ninja by season would be very bad idea right now.


Ninja Event is the most boring event… By far


Well, true, it has the least action of the three events, but it’s the most relaxing and least stressful, not to mention the great rewards we get as well!


As is the case with the Skin Festival, there are two events that compete or coordinate with other alliances: Alliance battle and Conquest.
It would be nice if once a month.

I’m continuing to make space adjustments for a specific victory boost.

*Pyro Dragon ・ Mummy of fear
If I think of a way to get the boost efficiently and long, it will force the members to reduce the territory of the my alliance.


If we think of when we get this boost, it would be nice to have it once a month.

If we didn’t ask for victory boost, we had time to enjoy the alliance award.
(It was an old my alliance war time.)

Finally I realized that there are two boosts that I want to boost. I have a desire to want it. This is the opinion of the top player’s friend.


I mean, this is a good poll. It’s always good to check what the community thinks about the current system of events. I, personally, wouldn’t mind having 2 wars per month. As I’ve said before here, ninja event is relaxing and that’s why I like it. But another reason I would rather have ninja events than wars is because the ninja event is an entirely different event, whereas if we had 2 wars, we’d basically be getting 3 wars per month. The Conquest, though a bigger and better mode (and more time consuming), is basically the same as a war. It has it’s differences, but I like the trade off between war, ninja, conquest, ninja. It’s really nice to have a break with fresh air after a hard fought war or conquest


If war rewards are improved, wars are more exciting than ninja. Playing against real people is far better than playing against computer.


Flare should keep changing the cycle of events after a couple of months. So players dont get bored of doing the same thing over. With wars team change, challenges change, the base u raid changes. With ninja its the same over n over again


You actually make a great point. I would definitely like to see more chests added to the war. I think this would help alliances get better participation as well! 


There’s 2 PvE events (Ninja) per month and 2 PvP events (War + Conquest).

Seems like a good balance.


Just leave one weekend free. Ninja conquest then war and a free week which could be used for monthly festival. I do agree with @LacunaC that ninjas is by far the most booring event of all time, but Madlen has a point with poll results.


The poll results in game may reflect the current situation where players like Ninja event only for the rewards. If flare swap the rewards of war and Ninja, players would love war more. 


How many would really like Ninja event twice a month if the entire event, no extra pearls as reward, just 3 uber chest, about 4 legendary and 4 epic chest (as what they give in war currently) + ninjas?


Then ninjas would suck as much as wars do ?


War boosts are great, but the individual rewards are pretty low.


It was to make a point, i.e make two wars a month but match war event’s reward with Ninja.


It’s a multiplayer game. Having half the time as a single player game isn’t balanced imo


I like more ninja events. I love it to rush through the enemies bases and get gold and chests. War needs all my gems every time.


I think wars definitely are much more fun that ninja events, but then as said earlier, war individual rewards are not up to the mark, and there’s that annoying CoF and scrolling during wars. So even if you were to apply same rewards for war, I don’t know if it would be well-liked as wars sometimes get quite stressful.


Middle level alliances cant reach the pro chests available during wars. If the number of chests and pearls.that we getting during ninja…are available during wars too…wars will have real healthy participation.Currently wars are most exciting, with minimal rewards. Conquest ninja , all have better rewards.