Shouldnt changes always be announced?

So I just noticed that knights archers and paladins cooldown has been reduced to max 4 days 12 hours.

But after you implented the max two fails change it was around 7 days. Shouldn’t changes like this be announced?  Would make it easier to keep track of 

I agree with you!! Even minute changes should be announced at least in the forum like they announced the lightning towers changes.

It appears some units still has 7 day perk cooldowns but knight archer paladin has 4d 12h… what about spells ?

Guess we gotta find out ourselves 

Archers and Knights forging cool down has not recently changed. After the 2 forge max thing archers and knights had 4day 12h cool down. Before  the change they had about 1 day or so deepening on what + you were at. Spells had always taken longer to upgrade even before the change happened. I recall forging sonic blast to +3 or 4 right away and wasted tons of gems because the cool down grew very rapidly. I have a video of this if you want to see it 

Hmm really?  I’m almost completely sure knights archers and paladins had 7 days cooldown 

actually its that I have? each time I boost my knight I have like 7 day cooldown. Maybe I’m wrong I check the next boost I gonna do

Update : still 3 day 12 hours and i boost him like 3 or 4 days ago

Cooldown of first troops has been always like this since the changes of the cooldown that last longer, in fact. As Bladestorm said for the first troops (so knight, archer, i guess also paladin) the cooldown is less longer than the next troops = 4d 12h. The reason? Most probably becasue troops that you unlock on a late game must be in that way, i mean it’s like you unlock something more powerful but if you want that powerful troop you have to pay the consequence: that is have a longer cooldown.

Yes it was 7 days but now that I did it again it’s only 4 days 12h. 

I have perk levels 25 knights and archers 

not for me I do yesterday my archer at +10 and my cooldown still at 6 day 23 hours or something close

Must be some kind of bug as I believe they are suppose to be 4 days and 12 hours. I have knight and archer at 20+ now as well

ok its a bug. I check my archer and knight and they are now at 3 day 13 hours