Show inGame Messages while playing

While playing sometimes you get the message that someone has spend troops or you’ve lost the lead in your tournament.

These messages are not displayed in the game. They are messages that sent to your mobile. You are able to see that you get some message by the displayed crown at the top of your device.
The problem:
To see what the message is about (=the whole message), you have to leave the game.
That’s unnecessary.
Also: Very often the message dissapears if you leave the game to read the message.

My suggestion:
This info could also be displayed in the message box or told to the player with that blond girl.

KINGsname: Soheil DJ

IGN : Soheil DJ .     <<<<<try that <<<<<

Hell No!

If we have messages during a raid that’s just more screen space we lose during a raid. 

Plus what are they going to tell me that effects the raid?

Even if someone told me to lose a raid, I wouldn’t. 

So my plan as always is win the raid, then check the messages.


I gotta say I agree with you right here. Messages while raiding would be a pain.

an could freeze while raiding and crash the game


I never said that the message should be displayed during the raid!
The blond girl can inform you just after the raid when you come back to your castle - like she is doing now 

Or you can just get mail like you do when someone joins your alliance.