Show pal used in Attack History

Hi, not sure if any devs read these but I was thinking in your “attack history” it shows you what they used to attack you. However, since the pals were introduced, they have not been showing up in the attack history. It would be nice to know what pal the person who raided you was using!

I suggested the same some time ago:


Curious of what benefit would that be?

I would actually like this feature.

I think it could help deduce attack patterns or even check for weaknesses on my base against certain pals.

(Yeah, yeah I know most people raid with Kaiser or Ceres nowadays  :stuck_out_tongue: )

Yes - good suggestion  :slight_smile:

It will also show what people are using to attack - specially during war time. :slight_smile:

At least it will show commitment that effort is made to fix all quality related bugs. 

@OilFire why can not you put your answers in 1 message? 

Thanks for the feedback @Invizzzible.  Very good question. Because it is a workaround of this issue: