Show the beast in the attack screen before battle

As the title suggests, please make it so you can see what kind of beast you are facing in the attack screen. Just beast yes/no is not enough.

Phoebe beast is so overpowered it’s rediculous IMO and I hate losing hard earned trophies to phoebe beast each time without being able to choose if I want to challenge it myself. When you face phoebe at least around my trophy lvl (4k) you have about a 99% chance to fail that base.

I know, yes it is POSSIBLE to defeat it if you spawn a shitload of monks but since I dont use them in my regular setup it’s no chance for me and a lot of people feel the same.


This would be a great add to the game, +1 here

The ONLY problem about this is the fact that since yesterday cannons have been able to shoot down beasts. Cannons seem to be very effective also, so now, knowing what beast it is really doesn’t matter as much as it would without the new implementation. It would still be nice to know what beast you are going to face, especially if your troops are already caught behind and you have to rush before you have one crown

This is only the case if you use cannons though. I personally dont and I bet there are a lot of people that dont use cannons either.

except that the insta cannon

Its a great add in the game but like Maestro said not all player play with Cannon. Honestly I don’t play much with Cannon so if we can have the pal icon and know who we face in the base. Can allow us to use the right tactics. Also with the brand new A,B,C,D settings help a lot in fight now. So combine preset + know the beast will just add more fun for everyone and pretty sure less frustration

I’ve been asking for this since the Beast was added to the game! 

Really? hope to see this add in future version. see what beast you face can make a real difference in raid