Show us your Best Raid

My Best at this moment its 1.158,622 Gold but I forgot to put my Gold Gear. Many time I was close to beat that but each time I forgot to put my Gold Gear lol :slight_smile:



I got more than 2M gold in just one raid. You can find the video here: 


warriornator you were in the warrior assassins team

me and hittman created that team a very long time now we were the best friends but i stop played the game and i got inactive and i came back and create a new team but hittman those not remember me.


to be honest maybe this alliance was on the top in the past with hittman in command but since Bad to the Bone4 have take the lead. I don’t stay longer there maybe 1 month. they are level 36 and stuck at level 36 for to long and the management its not on top. they add player with low donation like 5K,10K or 20K and start each war season with like 5 Millions of Gold or less. that why they finish always in Rank 6. No elite boost,No gold,no strategies during War,etc… and their knowledge about defense and other stuff was not good, nobody talk and the alliance was not very active then I leave and thanks god I found Genie and Master a really good team

when i left a few weeks later the team doped but i will take back it