Show your Acropolis! - Pictures and Videos

Post screenshots and/or videos of your Acropolis in this thread

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Don’t forget to add your in-game names to the posts.

Have fun!

Your Olympus Rising Team

 @MrCouPerMy acropolis is this!!! I dont think thats good but thats only i have!!??

Short guide how to use video recording on iOS 11:

  • Enter the Settings app and select the Control Centre.
  • Once inside the Control Centre select Customise Controls and add “Screen Recording” to the included list by tapping on the +.
  • When in-game swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring up the app bar.
  • Swipe up again to bring up the Control Panel and press the record button.
  • After the countdown return to the game to record your video.
  • To stop recording return to the Control Panel and press the Record button again.

In-game name NAPC

i made a patten and design to show my workers architecture  skills.


AR video YouTube link…


I can only post a screenshot… Sad that i can’t experience yet the AR as I’m using android.  Hope this count though… ?

In-game name : ?MoonlightWolf?




IGN: Dungeon Master Ek No

In game name Mr. Drag.






 Arte_mus©IS     -  VOLTURES - 






Zeus - King of Gods

Hi! This is the video of my mount olympus. My nickname is Fabián VII?? and my alliance is Good Times. 






My Acropolis is not very decorated yet… To keep my buildings clean, I ensure there’s a “carpet” at each main entrance.  :slight_smile:

My ingame name is: 

  • ?Pan⚡cMind?

My Screenshot:

My AR-Video for the bonus:


Hello Olympians,

Thank you very much for sharing your Acropolis with us!

We picked 3 random winners:

  • MrCouPer
  • MoonlightWolf?
  • Dungeon Master Ek No

All players who added a video will receive 100 Gems. Also all participants will receive 50 Gems for taking part in the contest.

The Gems should be added to your accounts tomorrow latest.

Congratulations to all participants!

Your Olympus Rising Team