sick of this korean spam!!!

really you can`t do anything about it?

spamming bastards from the Korea :angry:

Korean people are strange, when you read news about game on facebook like : Pc Mag,Pc Gamer,Xbox,Playstation and all the page you can follow who talk about video game. What you read the most often its Korean cheat in a game or like I think its 2 or 3 year ago a Korean who dead for playing Diablo 3 during 50 hours or more without pee,eat or drink,etc…or you can read Korean are died of CVA for playing video game without sleeping for too long,etc…

When you listen news in TV you learn Korean people want to launch nuclear attack against USA or others country,etc…

I am not suprise why they pass the time to create spam topic for fun

Anyway we cannot do anything about and probably the others on this forum like Aether too. I don’t see the point to debate on that

I lock this :slight_smile: