signed up for ancestery and did not get my 300 gems this is not kosher....

I gave them credit card and all and I get crap they need to weed fake advertisement. Flare needs to fix this and give my gems…

Go to and post this information in there. Also, answer these few questions and copy/paste it in the report:


What is your IGN (In Game Name)  


What device are you using (tablet, phone, computer)  


What is the OS on the device (Adroid, iOS - Apple, Windows, or some other)  


What version is the OS you are using (Windows 8/8.1, iOS 7 or 8, Android 4)  


What exactly, every step, do you do to recreate the problem?  


How often do you see this problem (everytime, once-a-day, every week)  


When did the issue start (does not need to be the exact date)