Silent Ceres Buff? Fine, but unacceptable in a strategic game!

So I see for level (130) Ceres is able to copy 16 morale points again.

Nice, at least a small buff with the recent maintainance.

 But why the starstarstarstar not communicate it? Or do you consider level 130 to be lower or mid level for which small changes were vaguely announced? Right now I have the impression noone at Flare knows any more what they are doing. It seems like a big joke.



For me level 9 Ceres still has 15 and upgrade to level 10 also shows 15 morale points. Do I miss something here as level 118 hero level? Checked for upgrade in store, not available.

So why mine is still 15 morale?

@MagischerKoenig I guess this is THE reason why they did not want to communicate which levels will be affected. Just imagine this would have been communicated in advance. 

AND: the buff is exclusive for those high level players. Nothing changed for those poor players at level 117. Finally we know what Flare sees as low and mid level players.

What a joke!

Just checked on mine and yes, at lvl 130 it has 16 morale points. Checked with a lvl 123 friend, still is 15.

@Dena4 here the current stats for a Ceres from a Level 130 player. Will wonders never cease!


A joke is maybe an understatement, it’s a farce. Why high hero players get stronger Ceres than others. What’s this, a new chapter of animal farm? We are equal but some are more equal?

I also want 16 morale spirit howl and I bet I am not the only one. This is unacceptable.

No this isn’t toxic from my side this time keenflare. Now we can point our fingers in your direction!

Please give a list of all unpleasant surprises.

Cause we spent more time training them :wink:

I do not have ceres nor am I lvl 130 but I think it is fair for those who spent thousands of hours to achieve it are rewarded. It also gives lower players something to work towards. What is unacceptable is if/when they nerf it after 6 months when more people attain it. 

Guess you meant Ceres. Nevertheless here is your answer:


I agree, flare has gone downhill in communication recently. Of course, Madlen has been very active and communicates well with us, but, once again, she can’t do it all by herself. Of course, if she knew about this buff, then it is her responsibility to post this change. We shouldn’t need clarification from flare after every change. It’s unacceptable. And the fact that a level 118 player who has busted his butt to get to that level gets the same stats, with Ceres, as a level 50 player with Ceres, makes no sense at all

I wont blame Madlen for this. She probably did not know about it.

Is Madlen playing RR2, by the way? Would be good to know.

Maybe we should direct all knowledge questions to the bugs section then. Devs seem to read there but not in the rest of the Forum.

I know you are part of the Madlen Defence Force, but I am old enough to know what the following sentence means, from the color you should be able to guess the poster. She knew 100% what is planned:



I have been part of the „Still have a little bit of hope for Flare Force“. This is why I was wasting my time here.

But to be honest, I am really losing all of that  hope. How can one single company make so many wrong decisions? Disrespect their players so much? Sending out a CM will not fix things if he rest is rotten to the core.

Yeah, that’s why I said that it’s not her fault if she didn’t know about it. And yes, she does play but she’s pretty low level. She started on the week of the first Conquest, I think

Am I the only one used to corporate speech? Just read her quote I posted. 

But here is the translation if you are really unable to read the real words behind: I am aware of the exact numbers but I am not allowed to tell you. This is a company decision, not mine.

Okay, hmm. Still not sure if she was aware. But we already suffered a lot by Flares Company decisions in the past. So it would be no real surprise.

They have done silent changes in the past and did not like to communicate them before. One of the reasons, @oPelle could not keep up maintaining the Wiki with all those exact tables and numbers by himself.

If we are banging our heads against a wall which is too thick, maybe we should go to a place without walls? We are not prisoners of Flare, we are customers.

You played long time and still 118?  As more level as better all here( items, beasts and now pals. Seems good)

It was the reasone why Alysea was fired.

flare said it many times, they dnt want to open the stats , the changes and etc.

nothing bad, but sometimes its very annoying.

but its fun to see now, how are guys who are proud to be low and not active in raiding want to have same as paid or active players.

like the fat boy want to be bodybuilder without exercise 

Stronger players get stronger stuff. Seems fair to me :wink: Maybe it’s to compensate for the not existing new hero levels. And even before the nerf, ceres had higher morale points at max hero level, than on lower levels. It had 20 morale at level 9 for 130 level players, lower level players could only get 20 at Ceres level 10. So nothing has really changed

It was 21?? I thought 16?