Silent Ceres Buff? Fine, but unacceptable in a strategic game!

It was 21 at max level. Good old times :wink:

Not saying it was bad. But it changes gameplay a lot. For those who were counting on more Palas being spawned for example, it will be a surprise. 

So, doing it behind our backs is just (sorry for repeating)  unacceptable

Why do those balancing announcements at all then? Lets just change balance on everything every other day. I am sure some people here in the Forum will find reasons to support it. ?

They’ll have to explain it tomorrow. It completely surprised me. Didn’t expect Ceres to change at all, since it was only mentioned that pals only change at low to mid level.

I don’t support those changes, since they’re not what they have announced. You can’t announce one thing and then do something else. But we’ll see what they will say about it tomorrow

I can already hear the “I want a compensation” comments ?

I’m level 127 and my Ceres is level 9 with 16 moral points.

As with defense Beasts, a level 130 king will have a Phoebe with more health on Level 1 than a level 127 with Phoebe level 2 (at least this was the case 4-6 months ago).


guys, this is not much of a buff. actually now that ceres copies wolves, gameplay can become unpredictable from time to time. personally, I preferred it to remain the previous value of 15. in my opinion, ceres never needed this extra morale point but merely an increase in the health points of units he copies would have been more of a reasonable fix. the low hp of copied units is what made ceres weak in the first place, not morale points.

It’s not hard to see why they would hide that, this change is dumb as ?

I just can’t wait until my Ceres have this buff too, and I can finally play with 16 spirit morale… in 2019! 


Can’t they just see that Ceres received too many nerfs?

  • Reduced Spirit Howl morale amount on all levels
  • Spirit Health of troops copied -28%
  • Spirit Howl spell range from 5.5 to 4
  • Reduced effectiveness of Ceres’ Troop Boost:
    • Attack Rate -9%
    • Damage reduction -21%
    • Duration -59%
    • Range -20%

The Troop Boost now lasts for less than half what it used to be, and NO ONE is even mentioning that anywhere. The ghosts units now die in 1 hit right after being summoned unless we heal or shield them immediatelly. And ALL we are asking is for the Spirit Morale points back, at least enough to copy any unit in the game.

@Darkerion It really was a huge nerf. They nerfed everything about Ceres.


Yes, that was pretty obvious. I read the same thing between the lines.

Not trying to defend anyone (but still doing it though), I think it’s pretty clear that Madlen is pushing for a bit more openess, while Flare (the bosses? the devs? whoever is in charge) is not really a fan of open and clear communiaction.

I just hope this lasts as much as possible. Every day that this keeps going, we (the players) benefit from it.


I agree 100%.

And levels is something you can only get with hard work, time and grind (or an ungodly amount of gems - to the point where it’s not even realistic to consider this option).


I’ve always said that the Ceres nerf was too much (it’s not actually just the Ceres nerf… Ogres, Wolves and Palas were nerfed as well, so it felt even more extreme).

While I could understand some things about the nerf (and I certainly understood the need for a nerf in the first place), the 15 morale points were completely over the top. That’s what stung the most. “Ceres can’t even copy a Wolf anymore!”

Well, now it can… at least tonight! ? lets see what happens tomorrow

Yes, it looks quite a bit like this to me as well. I don’t understand why flare would keep things from us. I mean, I’m not surprised that they do, especially after Pete’s “we gotta have some surprises” post. Well, when it comes to these kinds of nerfs and buffs, we need some sort of communication to let us know whether it’s intentional or whether it’s a glitch

Royal Revolt 2 2018_08_31 11_06_55.jpg

It is not adjusted. This is a bug. please fix  this.

Although I don’t have to give you any reason, I will still give you the reason.

First 2 years I had no videos for food, because I am playing on Windows. So as soon as I was out of food, there was no way to keep raiding, unless gems were used. And since I was leading for a very long time, I spend a lot of time solving problems for others, so that cost me a lot of time, time I could not use for raiding. Besides that, I spend plenty of time teaching others to setup a good defense plus offense.

It was often taking that much time, that I could not even raid at all, even while I was active for many hours.

I also realized that family need more attention than a game, so there you have your explanation. Oh… I forgot, I need to explain often to a person named Cromka something, since he quotes me often?, so I lose time on the forums, instead of raiding (shame on me)

There is something seriously incorrect when a company first takes away morale points of Ceres from everyone so that nobody can copy wolfs and viking any longer. And then suddenly out of the blue, giving only maxed heros one of those stolen morale back, so that they can use Ceres again for copying wolfs and vikings. 

Now give me any reason what justifies this? Being level 130? Incorrect answer!

Its very strange answer.

why do we need take care about your family time?

you decided to play low, to be more actinve in the social part and didnt raid hard to upgrade your hero.

it was your choice. I can name you not the one player who got 130 by 1 year. Now its much easier then before. Duke got it in 6 months. Cousi in 4.

you can get result here by only 2 ways: money or time. If you have no money you can get the same result by spending your time( and for many of us its even more expensive)

for the more excited players- better buffs.


do i think the players who spent here a lot of time by raiding or a lot of money by spending have to have the better rewards? Absolutly no doubt and i like to see how flare fixed it.

also there is one more idea: no need good stuff at low levels. Against whom to use? Against same paper bases?

Totally not cool!

I paid the same amount for my pro tickets as anyone else.

I saved my crystals to buy my ceres.

I saved my dog food to level up my ceres to level 9.

I smelted like crazy to make my wolves strong.

I purchased and upgraded my ceres based on the information provided for that pal. If the pal could not replicate my wolves . I would not have bought it.

When flare, across the board nerfed ceres I remained silent on this, as I figured well we are all in the same boat.

The SILENT fix of ceres moral points for some but not all is unacceptable!

Realistically, I’m not too many levels from where it will go back to 16. However, the whole basic fact and problem is you are advertising one thing in the pro shop or through sales. Then once players purchase it you are changing it [for some… but not all].

Any other business this would basically be false advertising?

Up until now I really did not see much use in the protest. However, I think perhaps our alliance will discuss joining it.

The announcement of a bunch of insignificant balance changes and then changing ceres (for some) but failing to mention that.

It is all just becoming ridiculous!!!

I want my 16 moral points back, my team members want there 16 moral points. The players in much lower allies, want their 16 moral points. 

Much like the hammerstrike spell that I spent thousands of Pearl’s to upgrade the spell, and 1000s more to upgrade its associated armour. Now it is almost useless. You have to hold a picnic under a tower if you plan to use it and you might as well be smashing the tower with a pillow.

I was really hoping this week would bring some better communications, news of players concerns being heard, and things being straightened out.  

Deeply disappointed in the sneaky way this was done [and only for the few].

Starting to be just Deeply disappointed in the whole mess.



Who uses Ceres just to copy wolves? I personally hated when he copied wolves, instead of a bunch of low morale troops

I prefer the uncastrated ceres…

Maybe we can buy him an extra set of balls in the festival!!!



I can tell you a player (don’t know if he’s still active) who did it within 9 months, 4ofjacks it was. You know, I really don’t care that for me Ceres spirit morale still is 15. Even if they would say, level 110+ gets 16 morale (where I am included), you would hear my voice saying it’s not done. Reason is that I am not selfish and am against unfair stuff. 

Darn… Again I missed a raid answering your response ?. Just kidding. To be honest, I also stopped raiding a lot when everything in my base was maxed. I relaxed during recess and only became active during ninja event and war season. That are choices that I made. that it lead to not higher hero level, so be it. I can live with that. Now I am a little bit more active again, to put my workers back on work. We need to upgrade defensive structures, so there is a goal again. To max all structures. 

Exactly, wolfs I don’t need to be copied, I will summon them by myself. Give me ogres or other troops like knights, I like those more. 

I honestly didn’t like the bunch of ghost wolfs during my raids. For me it’s fine to have 15 morale. 

I can only agree with what @Kuska said. We did play pro leagues and used crystals to get the pal. Then we spend tons of pal food to get it to level 9 to improve it. They held a sausage in front of our face and then they just take it away.

And when we had a taste of it, flare nerfs it, just like that. Then some probably felt miserable at those headquarters and for whatever reason they give one moral back to a very small elite group. Hello… there are more players affected, not only them. Where is our compensation?

Wasn’t it said that lower and mid players get a slightly stronger pal? Oh… I get it, we don’t get those ghost wolfs, so we should be glad and those who got that extra morale should complain ?. Oh… wait, not all amongst us use wolfs in offense so when we use pyro in offense we get 3 instead of 4…

Is there any slight pal improvement for lower and mid level players? 

Since you now made clear what mid and lower players are, can you go on with changing and give us for those so called high players more skulls during war season? They are high level, so what are you waiting for?  But yeah, there it’s unfair that we get more skulls for a so called high players, they might get kicked when bleeding trophies. 

@Dena4 like you I have played for a long time, since it started. No, I have not rushed to finish the last levels [120 right now], because I actually have a life and all. And like you I was glad to have my base maxxed and relax a little and enjoy the events.

So, just wanted to say … same here … and I do not think it should result in some punishment?

Never missed a war battle, never missed a ninja boat, never even late on starting a war day. Certainly earned my moral point!

Exactly. That’s why I added the section of the war seasons. If they want to make a difference between lower, mid and high level players (127+???) then also do that for war seasons. So give us extra skulls for beating those high level players during war season. Like I said, they won’t do it, since we have already noticed what happened. High level players will get raided more, bleed skulls and will get kicked. 

So for giving away morale bonus points on Ceres (and who knows what else) a condition says high level player is level 127+, but for war seasons it’s 95. for reaching level 130, they already are rewarded, they get better items, with higher values than us. Do they need even more ‘compensation’?

I never understood why in war my level 96 guy is worth the same skulls as me at level 120? It’s just another issue that should be a priority rather than is nemesis worth the crystals… NOT ???