Silent Ceres Buff? Fine, but unacceptable in a strategic game!

It’s not “just to copy wolves”, but it’s to also copy wolves. So the ghost wolves will still provide us some howl boost while lightning towers are stunning all the real wolves, for example.


Maybe this was all just a mistake, the buff wasn’t even supposed to be for highest level players!

Its ok.

you did the choice and now you earn the th result of your choice and 124+ guys earned their result. 

All fine and its ok.

i can say balance seems much better right now

Im affraid of this)

The festival should have been called “The Hunt for ceres’s testicles”…

Yes, I did earn the result. A good time well spend on family. That’s what matters, not a game.

If they really would like to balance based on hero level, they should show that during level up screen. Not only, hero +7 leadership, +8 extra damage and other unimportant stuff. During the upgrade to the level where we got +1 morale on Ceres, that should be displayed there.

It takes a lot of time and effort to reach the highest levels in RR2, and this change is not really valuing that.

If they really want to relate spirit morale to hero level, than a level 130 should at least have old Ceres morale points back! 
There’s nothing so special on having 16 morale points, that’s just the minimum we need to copy any unit in the game. That’s basic. And that’s why it’s being requested so much.

You said it like everyone other didnt have good time with their family₽₽)

everyone old know i love my wife( especially Skint knows??)

not big deal to split time( and yes its need to be a lazzy bear to not make 130 level).

about should/not should- may be you rihtt.

but i dnt care about the process.i need the result. Result is here and i like it

The definition of having a good time with family doesn’t mean spending max 30 minutes on family and rest of the day on a game. 

Sure, you love your wife I am certain of that, why she would otherwise be your wife. Did you ever ask your wife her opinion about you spending this much time (and even cash) on a game? I think you might be sincerely surprised about the answer. Her answer might be an eye opener for you.

In second year of this game I have been acting like an addict/fool. when those war seasons were added, I spend almost all my free time on this game. Every spare minute was given attention to this game, even when I was out of food (in the game). I stood up early and started to play before I went to the office. When I was home, I already did start the game, as soon as I arrived home. Even asked my kids to collect bread for me in the game, when I was at the office, so that I could play more. I still was playing till kids and wife already went to sleep for hours. In the weekends I played from early in the morning till late in the night. 

I fortunately realized in time that I was addicted, so I made a drastic change. I did my raids during war season, later also the ninja event. For the rest I did only raid to start an upgrade. It could be a worker upgrading a tower, a wave, spell, you name it. After that was done (maybe an hour) I did spend my time on family and other more important things. As soon as I managed to max all spells, troops and defensive structures, only thing I needed to max was my waves. So I did need less time to play. And so I did, logged in to donate, read alliance chat and that was it. 

So that’s the reason why I am ‘lazy’. Better be lazy playing a game than to neglect family. I don’t regret it at all, if I could turn back time, I would definitely have played even less.

Ho ho

i asked my wife and im ready to stoo immidiatly when she will ask me.

but ehy she need to stop me? If something give me a fun, why she nee to be against.

about money, we have same cash account) we both earn money and while she have bought whole Lui Vuitton shop why i cant spent this cheap money in this game? To play here a year costed me like 1 her monthly bag)


to get 130 lvel is really easy if you use the rvents smart

Okay… No need to explain, I understand. 

My wife also allows me to play, but not as much as I did before. So during conquest she was already asking me for the reason why I suddenly was playing more than usual. I explained it and it was fine, as long as I keep giving enough attention to my family. 

So as long as it’s fine, you should play whenever you like. Yes, tell me about the nice hobbies of ladies, I let her also buy things she likes, like expensive bags and so on. As long as we can afford it, it’s fine. I have my reasons why I don’t use cash for gems any longer. Main reason it gives me a good feeling to accomplish goals without cash. Examples are unlocking all blacksmith slots, maxing AT. 

For me it’s not important to reach level 130, since I play for fun at lower level. If that was really important for me, I would call myself a fool, since I did melt all my xp gear last blacksmith event (Having all xp gear possible on gear, even the double ones). But I did that on purpose, since I don’t set it as a goal to become level 130. 

To have fun is a most matter thing. No need to be top, if you dnt want.

but evvery choice have a price.its only tge thing i wanted to say

This! This is what got me the most mad about it!


Not this “silent buff”, but the fact that it was only supposed to affect “low and mid player levels”.

Are we supposed to assume that high level is only above 130?

So… Are some “silent” extra 10 levels coming up? 

PS: I don’t blame Madlen, because once more the CM is just the “middleman” (or woman in this case lol)

Correct, but till this change it never had any impact on special actions of pals.

It’s no problem they did it, but at least inform us in a descent way. Have fun.


Maybe it was just me, but immediately after the nerf I often found myself with only ogres + a low morale troop. Not a single wolf to howl my army.

Without ghost wolves, LT’s stun was much more devastating than usual.


They’re not worth the same skulls. You’re forgetting about the COF skulls.




I just did a quick search and 1 of those bags costs like… 3000 euros?!?

You pay that every month? 


Unfortunately for you all, the weekend includes Friday now for FG. Which means no response until Monday. Enjoy your weekend

its harder to be a BB without nandrolone and test e for sure…

Without daily hours in a gym its simply impossible.l)

Guys. Stay on topic please. ?

The new power level from ceres is good for those who have it. The rest can only use pal flute to get the copied wolf from ceres. ^^

I use aska instead. (my king is far away from the needed level, the exp farming was too boring for me in past)