Hello guys,


I would like to ask you to add new levels to Silo. Before adding new levels farms, the ability of the farms accompanied the capacity of Silo, 4 farms with capacity of each 200 food = 800 which is the ability of the Silo.


Improve and facilitate much more the life of the players. I would like Silo had the same capacity as the four full farms as before, with 1120 food. Thanks!


  • ThéoBispo98  :slight_smile:

It has been requested numerous times, but no harm in asking again :slight_smile:

Not only the silo should hold more bread, farms should produce bread at least during upgrade. Now the breakeven point just takes too long before an upgrade becomes profitable. Even reduce the production to half during upgrade would already make it interesting.


I also do not get why upgrade to level 13 is only 2,5M and to level 14 costs 5M. Also the period it takes to upgrade is not normal, 6 days to level 14, that’s just abnormal long. Reducing that to 3 days would work and to level 17 max 6 days would still be acceptable, we could at least upgrade between war seasons.

To not talk about the +5 bread for each level -.-


yeah i need more too 

1k bread for full silo sounds reasonable. where is Flare representative here? hear us?

Instead of silo levels how about flare decreases the amount of bread we use for raids, I’m not willing to level up even more stuff, me have 2 workers(me sad 'bout that)

Thanks to everyone for agreeing with me, I hope Flaregames help us.  :slight_smile:

I completely agree with this, we’re needing it…

Wake up wake up sleepy head flares… We have bunch of suggestions…

Yeah, 4 levels added to the farms, which are actually equals to one level… After so many requests, this is insulting. Not to mention the ridiculous gold and time cost.

Silo left as-is. Shameful decision.

Flare, do this for your players, as an act of kindness, at least. Many of us would love to play more in one sitting as our lives get busy during school, work, etc. Let farms make food while upgrading, and decrease the upgrade cost. And increase the silo size accordingly. 


Maybe you guys make money on accelerated farm upgrades somehow, but maybe it makes more sense to allow us to pay for food some other way, with a very small incremental cost, like a penny per battle. I think a lot of people would be interested in those microtransactions. You guys know the business model, though, better than any of us do. But at least consider an alternative to making people wait for their farms to finish. 

Btw, currently my personal “solution” to the silo and farms (and tavern) issues: I did not upgrade farms or taverns past the original max lvl 13, while enjoying the knowledge that not-upgrading is more effective for the next years before the break-even-point would occur… also I know my opponents will get less free gold from my tavern than from those having maxed their taverns. 


Also, in the current situation, I assume I won’t play the game for another year, so it will be the best alternative for me permanently not to upgrade… it’s sad to see “not using things provided in the game” being better than “using things provided in the game”, but that’s how I currently feel it is.