Silver 5* titan objects become useless

Dear FG @Madlen, with the latest forge update we were able to create silver and gold titan objects at great cost, however there is no option to dismantle these objects to STANDARD forge a unique item.  It ONLY allows REFINE despite stating FORGE in the description, see the image will add an unwanted perk. A player could destroy a unique item if they didn’t notice is was adding a perk in the last image!   I have 3-4 such items now that cost millions in gold+wisdom but have no use…

In the not to distant future many players will have many silver /gold 5* titan objects that have old stat values for perks (so no good use in refining with them) and no use for these objects, please add the option to  FORGE (SO IT IS A STANDARD FORGE WITHOUT ADDING UNWANTED PERKS) so it is a forge and not a refine…image below shows the bug/issue.   Thanks

In addition to the above a renewal of a refined unique item the extra perk seems misleading… I know that if I refine this item with silver it should add a further perk but this one doesn’t seem to , yet phys resistance is a perk on the dismantled object. See both images there seems no underlying logic, both dismantled items have 2 perks, yes one already has the DR so should give the phys res.   It must be a bug?

@Madlen I did talk about these bugs with refinement process too.

Using two silver five star titan items should add two perks on a unique item but as you can see this is not happening.

Could you Please pass info to developers there are other bugs but I am not seeing activity on forum from developers(it seems OR is a dead Project) :slightly_frowning_face:


oh… i thought unique itmes can only be refined with a fully forged gold item? i was wrong? and like it can be ssen above you can add a 4th perk without a gold one?? strange…

thanks philstar for reporting this new issues… crazy. i hope they dont release new content soon…

You can add one perk to a unique with a silver item or 2 with a gold.  Or use 2 silvers to add 2 perks, but you could easily add a perk you don’t want to that way. 

Well, there might be many ways to add perks you don’t want, we’re kinda just discovering that now. 

thx for bringing and explaining this. (i only have 2 5* silver rings and the are in use, so when forging (or refining) they never showed up… 

nevertheless i am wondering, because the only official explanaition and images of refining unique items where with gold cycle 5* titan items (i could also have overseen this)…
i always thought, that with normal red 5* bronce you can refine red 5* bronce to 1* green silver, with red 5* silver, refine red 5*silver to 1* green gold, and with red 5* gold you can refine uniques and add 2 perks… (yeah this path will last looong)
if this is the designed path of forging, you would not have problems as described above… but the refinement of a unique item with a red 5* silver item could be a bug and also maybe a shortcut of the looong path… and in addition, the initial post concerning forge or refine of an unique would be obsolete…

so it would be great to know from the developers or @Madlen what should be possible: (e.g. is the issues described above a bug on its own, or a side effect due to another bug…)

Refining a unique with a silver item only adds one perk (and because you’re only adding one, it’s random which of the 3 perks on your silver item will transfer to the unique). Refining with a gold adds 2 and the boosts that come with gold-level refining (I.e. the huge base physical resist on the Athena shield posted on the forums), and you get better control over what gets copied over.

Assuming everything is working properly, the system seems to make sense right now. 

normaly hove have a base and 2 perks on a silver item. so there is no need to make it random unless you dismatle a trinket. 

and why (if everything is normal) is then not a “refine” button but a “forge” button visible? (maybe it is always forge - need to check this on my own…)

and more important: when “forging” unnique with silver items: why can only perks be transferred that are not on the unique right now (which are then random of course…). this is what i see, when looking on the pictures above…


i dont want to do that anymore. i am constantly asking myself if any new behaviour observed can be a bug or a consequence of a bug (especially if it was not clearified before from official side)… sad. 

so i am begging madlen to talk to the devs and response if the forge is designed in such a way that unique items can also be refined with silver items. that’s all.

Well here’s an example that might illustrate what i mean:

The item you want to forge is a Cadmus dragon scale shield. It has Physical resist (base) and Move Speed (perk).

If you use a silver star bauble to refine, like a ring with Fire Resistance, Weapon Speed, and Demolition, you will add one of those 3 perks to the shield, randomly.

If you use a silver star bauble with Fire Resistance, Weapon Speed, and Move Speed, you will add either Fire Resistance or Weapon Speed.

To get the most control over your forge, you want to use something like a sword with a base of Attack Damage, a Perk of Weapon Speed, and a refined 2nd perk of Movement Speed. In this situation, only the Weapon Speed should be added to the unique shield.

To add a 4th perk in the gold cycle, you would have to craft another silver item that had very specific perks to add the one you wanted. If you wanted to add demolition to the shield, you would need something like a sword with demolition and then weapon speed OR move speed.

If you use a gold item to refine your unique, you would just need to make something with the 2 perks you wanted and the one that’s already on the shield (move speed). Then you can do everything in one shot.

thx for your excamples, i agree with the mechanism on how it should work and in which way perks can be transferred. i have to admit, that i have not refined often (only twice up to now), and only with a predictable result.

but here are some thoughts for the given pictures above, and i try to explain where a bug might be and what i meant before…

  1. picture: plain unique hercules claws (base: strength, perk: demolition) and a silver item (base: health, perks: shield and DR) - this seems to work to get another perk on the claws, but the result is not predictable.

  2. picture: refined prometheus unique (base: health, perks: speed & DR) combined with the same silver item as before (base: health, perks: shield and DR) - this does not seem to work… the result would be predictable (it should be shield), but in the picture no additional perk will be added. furthermore, the DR would be removed by another ? … strange. so it seems like this is a bug…(assuming everthing works fine)

  3. picture: same refined prom. unique but another silver item (base: strength, perks: loh & CD) - this again seems to work, but the result is again not predictable…


so in my opinion it may also be possible that you never should be able to refine unique items with silver items. and the bug is the way they try to prevent this… the exploit is, that it can be done with items that do not give you predictable results… come on, who of you is using the forge this way?? using lots of ressources for items that are unpredictable? no way…


ok, i have to admit that only 3 pictures are a litte low to be sure and maybe (or hopefully) it is just one buggy item (yeah…). but maybe - again, just maybe - the whole thing of refining unique itmes with silver ones, was never planned to work this way…  i cannot tell, the devs, resp. madlen, have to answer which kind of bug it is.


edit: ok, my bad. SORRY GUYS. so it is definitely possible to use silver items to forge unique items

but nevertheless it is funny confusing, that in one case an added perk is replaced, and in the other case a perk is added…

It’s very possible there are bugs at play. Because some of this refining is so resource intensive, it’s possible that not many people have even tried it yet.  

I know I haven’t refined a unique yet

@Philstar in the thread “… The Forge” you asked some clever questions, see link above. either i have not read them carefully in the past, or i forgot them, or did not realise their importance,… whatver. thx therefore, it helped (and of course other inputs from other players, too).

still some questions regarding: if you have a fully refined unique with 2 perks on it, …

  • … and then you level up: to upgrade the stats, do you need to forge it again with (similar) refined item(s) to keep the additional perks, or can you upgrade the unique item as usual with an ordinary 5* titan bronce item (without loosing or replacing the perks) and bring it to its max. powers of the actual level? (imho this should be the case…)
  • … the perks can be replaced if a refined item (silver/gold) is used - but the machanism behind this process is still not clear to me. any ideas/hints?

thx to all

The way I understand it, if you have a 4-perk unique you can do 3 things:

  1. forge (once per ascension level) with a 5 star bronze Titan to improve the ORIGINAL base stat and perk ONLY

  2. refine with an identical gold star item to improve the base stat and the 3 perks. 

  3. refine with a non-identical gold/silver item to replace existing perks and improve base stat/original perk.