Simple Improvements that would be appreciated next update

hey everyone, I play the game a lot and have made a list here of things I think that should be added into the next game update


nothing is game changing, but as more and more players approach the end game flare needs to add more content


let me know what you guys think and share your opinions


#1. silo levels 14-18 (max = 1200 food storage) lots of players were disappointed when the farms got new upgrades but the silo did not. what this does to players is they can no longer sign in once every 2.5 hours to ONLY collect food. in the days of level 13 farms you could raid every 5 hours instead. this was done by first spending all 1600 of your food (800silo + 200x4farms). then in the following 2.5 hours you just sign in to collect food then raid again in another 2.5 hours for your 1600 food. nowadays you cannot hold all your farms in your silo so you have to do some raids every time you sign in#2. farm level 18 (max = 300 food storage) why did you stop at 280? 300 makes more sense to me, no one will complain with more food


#3. treasure chamber level 13 (max = 1million gold protection) with sonic blast level 8 already costing 12million, we gonna need a bigger treasury for any newer upgrades**#4. alliance tower level 12 (max = donate 1million gold)** this is mainly for players at the end game who need something better to do with their gold


#5. more friends (40-50) we don’t need more voucher friends, just regular friends

They can easily do a server update for these no need for a new patch however i agreed with all  :slight_smile:

I was just thinking though if they release this kind of stuff along with the new boosts (gargoyle tower and pyromancer) it makes the update bigger and more exciting.


unfortunately this just makes the game seem longer to newer players which flare may not like :slightly_frowning_face:

Can’t seem to add a “Like” to TeH KeNstEr’s post but agree 100%

Couldn’t agree more

All good suggestions.


#6 Let  chat  accommodate more messages. We have a chatty alliance, which is a good thing because it increases players emotional investiture in the alliance. No reason for chats that occurred within the previous 24 hours to scroll off before you can read them. Sometimes important instructions, question or answers to questions scroll off before they can be read.

I agree with Kenster and also with Zillah, I’ll add something to that #6: Allow us to navigate between the characters so we don’t need to delete everything we wrote just to correct a mistake we didn’t notice at the beginning. I know this is an old idea, but it’s very requested, Flares should have done something already!