Simplify the game

Hi everyone,


I have been playing the game for 4 years now, and really appreciate the work that has been done by Flare so far to keep the game interesting.

There is an issue in my opinion, is that you keep improving the game by adding new features, events, etc, but in the end the game becomes more and more complex: look at the main menu of the wiki, there are so many categories now, it becomes a pain to find what you are looking for, and when I play I am often lost becasue there are too many things on screen and I don’t know what happens (many people did notice their units got petrified during the ninja event but didn’t know why) !

Now I think it might be time to do some clean-up, and remove some features that are not much used, to make room for the new features you are preparing. I will be a little radical and I expect many people not to agree with everything but it is a start, so I suggest to remove the following things, which have a limited interest:

  • Granny

  • Ninja events (and offense and defense ninja at all, not because they are too powerful or weak or whatever, but because they add to the mess)

  • Vouchers

  • Festival

  • arrow and frost towers

  • mortars, gargoyles and vikings

  • hammerstrike and heal spells (I would also add stun but I know some people like to use it)

  • Apocalypse and summoning scrolls

  • make that you can’t get chests that are lower than the ones you have by watching movies (ex: I collect legendary chests by watching movies, I don’t care about the less interesting chests I get by daily rewards or war rewards)

  • melt blockades and barricades to have only one kind of blocker

Let me think what you think about it !

To be clear I think we can go much farther than this (there are 6 currencies, 4 different kind of boosts with different rules, etc), but this is an easy first step.

No for any of these

  • ninjas, good source of pearls and chests, helps new players grow fast

Vouchers - incentivise players to invite friends, needs some updating though

Festivals - another source of items and gold

All spells/units/towers you mentioned - yes, people use these

  • then there would be only one or two types of chests…

Barricades/blockades - useful for splitting between low level and high level and diversifies defense

Grandma - somewhat useless but can be a source of items to melt for lower levels that don’t get as much pearls from other sources. Just needs updating.

If you took out all of these you’d more than half the content of the game. Can’t see anyone staying if all these we’re removed with no replacement…

Can only agree on granny and voucher…

And I agree with Fii

I will give more details about my thoughts fo ninajs, because as I suggested to remove a lot of things I didn’t give too much details.

For vouchers as an example you can repalce the riend rewrds by gems, with a mechanism to make it not worth to create secondary account to get gems (like the godfather would only get the gems when the new player reaches level 20 or 30), that way you could remove vouchers.

For ninjas events, everybody keeps complaining it is just doing homework, with very easy levels at start, and then only a few very hard levels you need to scroll to pass. In the end nobody has fun doig them. Not to forget mentionning all the people changing their trophies for the event. So my idea would be to replace it by an other way to get the same rewards (maybe getting better rewards in war or through pro league, or something else). Maybe also festivals can replace ninjas if somehow the rewads are reworked (like if you play daily you can have the same rewards as if you completed all the ninja levels, etc). I am also convinced that Flare will one day release something new (like they did recently for pro-league), so I suggest they release it to replace ninja events instead of adding an other event.

For the ninjas themselves, honnestly raiding tends to become more and more confuse nowadays, so much that it is impossible to notice everything that appears on the screen. Quite often when ninja appears and I have a big army, I don’t even notice them (except the stone ninjas that I see far after their death because they have petrified a big part of my army, but that’s an other story). So I think we could remove them completely in offense and defense.

For the type of chests, honnestly it would lower the number of type of chests but in my case I don’t care at all about the rare or epic chests…

You wrote it would remove more than half of the content of the game, I can clearly say it would be closer to 15 or 20% maximum. And it is known that usually in a software 20% of the content is used 80% of the time, so removing the nearly useless 20% is not really harmful, especialy if it lets room for new stuffs.

By simplifying I would instead mean making some mechanisms clearer. Like troop/spell item perks - perk says I get +5368 to <spell/unit> but when I look at said spell/troop it’ll have for example damage increased by like 160 points. I don’t need this random number that tells me nothing without deciphering the exact formula for perk bonuses, say it straight! Either have it say that it gives actual +X damage/hp or at least make it a percentage bonus, none of that convoluted crap.

I agree with this. The game is simple enough as it is, but we don’t need unnecessary confusion when it comes to things like this.