Simplifying concepts, navigation & interfaces for Newbs

"Newb Enablers" series

OK, so it all started with these 2 comments that I’ve been chewing on for the last 2 weeks…

Then, I posted this scary suggestion as a tentative first step in simplifying OR for the new player. Building on that, may I submit additional details for the benign consideration of our esteemed developers? ☺️

(1) Guiding a New Player to Navigate OR

Currently, as the game opens, the PvP map is loaded.  This could be overwhelming for a newb. Instead, a straightforward “Menu” screen could be a better (less intimidating) welcome. 

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The new player immediately gets an overview of the entire game from this screen. (Here, for production purposes, the 3 modes could be compartmentalized (i.e., modular design) with each module having designated developers. The 3 teams could be interlinked by a 4th team that works on the universal features interlinkages between modules (such as dashboard views, Mount, Vault of Hephaestus, etc.). Such a focus could help continuous improvement of the 3 modes independently without creativity contamination.

(2) Simplifying the Interface for “Build” Mode

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The “Build” mode is the preparatory section for all invasion activities in OR. So, the screen is effectively a dashboard of info pooled from all 3 invasion modes. So, besides the resource balances (Gems, Gold, Ambrosia Wisdom), other vital stats such as Ascension Level, Trophy count, Dominance count, Prestige count, Fame count Victory points count are featured here ( here only). All 3 invasion-mode buttons are placed on the right near the right thumb. Market, Community, Product buttons shift to the left. The notification buttons are all shifted to the top (i.e., Gestalt Principle of Proximity).

The “War Season Hall of Gods” button is shifted out of this screen goes into the Community section. 

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Note : A new feature, the “Forge” button, is requested here along with other notification buttons on top. Players may often forget that they have put some gear for forging, and continue with invasions. If the Build screen notifies upfront, it would be useful.

(3) Simplifying the Interface for “PvE” Mode 

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To simplify the PvE interface, let’s knock of the elements one by one to see if the gameplay gets affected. Info on Ascension Level, Dominance count, Prestige count are not relevant here, so they can be removed. Only the Trophy count is useful, so retained. Resource balance info, as always, is useful so retained, as well. On the top, the notification buttons only distract, so are removed. Only the Video Recording button is retained here. The “build” buttons for Market, Community, Production are eliminated. Only the buttons for Home (“Mount Olympus”) 2 invasion modes continue to be retained for easy switching between modes. Now, the interface has much less clutter more viewing area, so less dragging around. 

(4) Simplifying the Interface for “PvP” Mode 

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To simplify the PvP interface, let’s apply the same design axe of minimalism chop off the non-essential elements. Again, Ascension, Dominance count, Prestige count are removed. Only the Fame count is relevant. Notification buttons are cleared, save the Video Recorder. The Build buttons are gone, but the Home other invasion modes continue here as well. Visibility improves dramatically on the map, now.

(5) Simplifying the Interface for “Multiplayer” Mode 

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To simplify the Multiplayer interface, let’s wield the minimalism axe again. The Victory points Torches counters are necessary, so are the Fury recharge indicators. No distracting notifications, no irrelevant info buttons, only the universal Resource buttons, and the Video Recorder. The Home other invasion-mode buttons continue here too. A clean clear interface for alliance wars, mercifully!

_ PS : I’m aware these are sweeping suggestions that ask for structural changes. But, instead of dismissing them outright, please consider them as QoL requests for the long-term (i.e., months/ years), no pressure. Believe me, I’m in no hurry…_ ☺️

Your images didn’t load @AriesRising


the idea of the OR dev team having enough coders alone to field 4 separate divisions is really interesting though. At the moment I’m not sure if they have 2, at least not full time. 

That’s odd… all images show on my computer. I had to wrestle with the “Image upload limit” error… ducking & weaving… I think she won by de’coying’! ?

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I hope you can view. ☺️