Simultaneous upgrades for waves


     How about Flare allowing at least 2 simultaneous upgrades on waves? Under normal circumstances it takes ages (~1.5 years might be more with the coming of wave 9), allowing wave upgrade (max.2  simultaneously) will help to reduce that gap. 

Is it not possible for Flare to allow building and items inside it to be upgraded at the same time? Eg. If you upgrade troop academy, you have to wait for ~6 days before you can upgrade the troop. I am suggesting both working together. Keeping in mind future updates, where new levels and troop, spells etc. can be added, this will be a healthy addition. 

Your suggestions!

For buildings, it’s no problem, for waves, I agree it’s a little drastic to allow only one wave at a time, but it’s a in game mechanic that if changed will bring chaos in the game… While players worked their asses off to upgrade those waves, using money could spawn a new breed of “whales”, paying players that have no talent but they have money to upgrade… It’s one of those bad things that keep the game rolling and make the players progress a little slower, and makes the free players think they are still competitive… Will Flare upgrade the game even further? I sincerely doubt it will… the current batch of upgrades are enough for a very looong time… a new player will be overwhelmed… New units/towers/spells?.. that’s ok, but new levels…?! No, That’s just too much, it already is too much!

You want all players to become the same very quick?

But the situation that hundreds and thousands of us has THE SAME MAX UNITS SPELLS TOWERS and almost all WAVES became to a new update



Are you sure thousands have all the 42 morale on all the 8 waves? I would really like to know how much?


Length of very much upgrades reduces month by month. Look at wiki history.

i.e. who begin from first day needs to max all spells x2 more time than one who begin to play a year after


We do it hard, and noobs just got to the same point x2 quickly (and the price of every upgrade fall)

Someone need to be CONSTANT and differ noob from old player

For me there is no need to upgrade several waves simultaniously, I know it takes years to max the waves. It is my own mistake that I ignored to do it in the past and did not focus on constantly upgrading them. Same story goes for troops and spells, only one at a time can be upgraded.

The events that speed up upgrades were introduced not so long ago. For me those events are no must. I would only suggest to decrease the time required for finishing upgrades somewhat, since the latest upgrades almost take 6 days or longer. When all workers are busy and we only can wait for such a long time, players might get bored.

There should be a way to improve the workers to reduce some upgrade time, but please don’t not use again the casino man for this purpose. Introduce a school for example where you can improve worker skills.

I want a button “Upgrade All Things to Max Level” for 10 gems.

Then fg won’t get huge flow of $$$ from those “rich” paying players that want to max their waves asap. This is a no go in flare’s algorithm.

Constantly having simultaneous upgrades is not really fair but there is no reason why we cant have a wave event for two days.

They can introduce a worker perk i guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Shorter wave upgrades should happen, shorter upgrade times for anything once new tiers of levels are added should actually be added. You can’t have a game where in order to catch up to players a new person has to spend thousands of dollars or play for multiple years to be on a somewhat even field.

Like Jack said, yes an event is much more appreciated rather than having an event, which actually does not contribute to a player’s growth (like the current one).

building event, waves event, troops, etc., will be highly appreciated. They can have one or two of this every month.




This is completely true for other companies/games, but for fg, what you said is only a huge myth that never happen.

I’ve been playing this game as a free player for over a year now. Since it’s a Pay to Win game, it’s normal that free players, like me and probably you, have to wait a bit of time to get their upgrades done. The whole point of the game is to tempt us to take shortcuts by buying gems.

Now, it would’nt be fair if a new free player would reach in 2 months what we accomplished in a year. Just be ready for events that benefit growth and use them at your advantage.

If the bold part in your statement is true, there won’t be endless complaints. Since you said you’ve been playing for over a year, I’m gonna ask you, what levels are your waves now? Are all waves (1-8) even near 42 morale? I haven’t calculate how much the event affect the waves, but pre-event, it’ll take around 2 years to max all waves, and to be able to constantly getting golds to make the expensive upgrades, you’ll have to join alliance. Fg made it impossible for a truly free player to advance “normally” now. 

My waves are at an average of level 11 with my strongest at 13. Having everything to max level after a year would have made me quit the game. Lets face it, this game is repetitive and doesn’t really have an end. I mean, you raid for gold so you can upgrade so you can raid for more gold so you can upgrade even more… 

And the more you wait for your upgrades, the more chance Flare will have that someone will spend gems to accellerate the process. RR2 isn’t the first game with that model and it won’t the last either.

Don’t worry, as far as i can tell, fg will give big update every year. I remember the last big update was jan 2015. I do totally agree that this is a repetitive-no-ends game, and that the more you wait for your upgrades, the more chance Flare will have that someone will spend gems to accellerate the process. Still, if you pay attention to my comment above, the main problem that causing complaints is that fg totally killed the chance for free player to be able to advance as they should be. It’s impossible for free player to play catch up with paying players before (or even several months after) the new big update arrived. And with the continously incoming updates, the free player will left behind exponentially. You can only be free player if you truly play for fun without trying to be competitive or you are willing to spend at least 80% of your time to win every league to collect gems and breaking records (if even possible). Other games do give paying players many advantages, but unlike flare, the other games i played sofar didn’t kill the chance of free player advancing at their own pace without losing hope to ever catch up with paying players.

And please notice that what i meant with catching up is having all the normal upgrades as other players. The perks and special stuffs are not included, since they are depending on pearls.

I like this idea,  but does it have to be a button?  Then we have to put lots of time and effort into clicking it   ?

As you know flare games, the button will be greyed out until you have 100000 pearls from spending gems :stuck_out_tongue:

No need to click it for the normal player :wink:

Finally Aether confirms, we will have a defence boost with wave upgarades. 

Worth the effort.