Sistem have mailfunction or do that in purpose ???

I need help , i really do not understud how sistem do matchmaking ?? I em IVY 107 im not rush on this ivy i properly upgrade so on my batlefield is 95’/, procent ivy 117 to 125 and ok i will understud that this is are player that is week for they ivy so they be the same with my 107 but no those player are all strong much way that i em !! So i don’t complaine about that how much i trophy loost when my atack failed that’s another story but number is big I won to know how i suppose to get resurce for upgrading when i can defeat anybody on my map ???  and why sistem don’t give me my Ivy 107 , 108 , 109 , 110 instead 117 and abowe 95 procent other 5 procent i could win but that is 5batlle and low resurce island, i was wery active in this game but now i think to quit ! I will like answer if you hawe it or some logic explains ! Thanks 

@MILOS, Why do you say ivy instead of level or lvl?

probably bad knowledge off English ? i see notification and thought somebody answer on my question instead you ask me why ivy and not ivu !? ??? 

Sorry ivi 

Hi @MILOS,the reason why you end up with so high level Ascension player is due the fact that you hold more trophies than they do .If you are looking for low level opponents then leave islands near to Mount Olympus empty alway,then in this way you can meet players who are playing at lower level than you are or near your level or lose lot of trophies on purpose to end up match with low level players…Those high level player will of course will be tough,No doubt I have my share of fighting them always and have mentioned this thing my times here on the forum but It seems @CaptainMorgan is not paying attention to match making aspect of the game,where you end up fighting opponents who are 15 or 20 level higher than you but it is true they always have less trophies than me.

Just yesterday fought a guy who has over 8k fame points and at level 112 while I am at level 97 and trust me battle was hard my hero was having a hard time keeping up with his monstrous Peruses with mirror shield. I lost twice but third time managed to defeat him with level 19 Helen of Troy.

I am afraid friend this how the game works.

Although this point has been raised by many players on the forum.Yesterday @Neptune mentioned it too.

(P.S. I always end up matched with 15 or above players because of my high trophies for my level but if Lose some of them then I will find easier opponent on my map too,because this what high level players are doing these days.)

I hope it answers your question.

As Captain Morgan pointed out in many places already: drop your trophy count! The way we farm things is through making sure our heroes stay on the high income islands, all while casually loosing -25 trophies until we arrive at the point where they cant take more than 3 in most cases. Thtas when enemies around you are easy enough to simply AM your way through their bases and collect more gold for upgrades. You would probably have to give up forging, at least on a large scale, but this way was the most comfortable for me so far.

This is an intended feature of the current system, a very much hated feature by some of us for sure, but there is nothing to be done as of yet. So the advice above is your only option. You either have to be very active all the time or not so active most of the time, there is no middle ground. Also, having a good alliance with buffs and decent mentors helps, as difficulty of enemy bases boils down to your individual skills imo (Even while being level-locked in terms of trophies I dont have issues with most if not any of the enemies around me)


I didnt see Holy’s post while doing this, so treat it as an ADDITION to what he said, as that also holds true.

thanks wery much you help lot , i will go on like you say :fist: 

Hi all,

Thanks for the above post @Infamous. The advice given there is all correct.

However, as I always mention, we do discuss suggestions criticisms and changes all the time, and take the problems very seriously. That said, we plan to make some more tweaks to the balancing of the Trophy system in the near future. I would very much appreciate feedback from all of you once these changes go live, particularly if it is measured, constructive feedback, and not knee-jerk reactions to the patch notes.

The changes are planned to:

  • Reduce the feeling of loss from multiple attacks.
  • Reduce the amount of Trophies that a single person can take from someone else, so that players are not so heavily affected by low-Trophy high-Level farming.
  • Prevent low-Trophy players from winning large amounts of Trophies without beating a defense.
  • Reduce the Trophy loss when failing a battle (or being disconnected), which should also make it more difficult to drop Trophies quickly.
  • Improve the balance towards active players, rather than passive, defensive players.

More details on exact changes will come when we are finished testing and the update is finalised, but feedback on the above points is welcome.

Obviously, the tentative tweaks will be reverted if they are seen to have a negative statistical or gameplay effect, or lead to exploits.

You can also level up, too. When you’re high level you get attacked a lot less, regardless of trophies. If you have very high trophies you will almost always be hit for -23 or -25, but it won’t be 20 attacks an hour. it might be 10 attacks a day.

And before anyone gets on the high level conspiracy train, it’s because there are way, way, way fewer high level players than lower level players, so you have less opportunity to get matched with people.

@CaptainMorgan Sometimes the game crash as soon as the battle starts In normal attacks we lose trophies fine we collect gain … What about the game crash during war time.?? will the fury recover in upcoming version.?? 

I disagree this quote is no good idea!

@dumpster the higher lvls dont have many attacks all ignore strong players, dont want spend a lot of gems or ambrosia!!!

And my opinion for this post 25 trophies is good only unfair is higher lvls dont take 25 trophies, one more wrong is 95% 23trophies is unfair , the same lvls is correct take 25trophies !!!

Couper I’ve received plenty attacks from high levels just to take 23-25 trophies and this is not right, the only one that should take 25 trophies it should be a lower level toward a higher one or someone at a similar level.


I think i wrote same?

But for your lvl u have a lot of trophies