Situation after latest server update

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Is this ok? No single enemy is giving me +15 trophies,and now I must fight players from Titan league for only 3?

What happend to this beautiful game? Last year is was the best,now it can’t be played anymore!

That first guy looks pretty darn easy. That’s not helping your case. Both of those guys have very low fame, the first one has almost nothing. 

You’re right,but imagine that I must play all the time against guys like this if i want to get 3 trophies per each battle. I must use at least pyrphoros invocation at apollo gate to win. I know that you are player at maxed acsension lvl and this is everyday for you,but the main problem for me is that I deserve to get trophies faster than usual. No +15 at all on my level is very odd.

This system isn’t fair.Some players are proctected and can’t be attacked…some can’t gain more trophies even when they said there are no trophy caps!?

you are not alone in this buddy, I only find these players on my map 100% time and I lose aginst them sonetimes which result in massive trophies loss ?

I hate this match making aspect of the game 

I am fighting level 131 opponents ever since I crossed 105 ascenion level

FG never understand how tough it is beat these high level opponents everyday and now with every broken GK and all six war blessing it is nightmare for low ascenion players or players with few blessings.


Yeah,me too. Now even more. After this update,all mmy opponents are much stronger and I get basicly nothing when I defeat them. ?

I get only one trophies from these oppponents or two if I am lucky???

An easy enemy is an easy enemy. If you need an invocation to beat that first guy you really need to rethink how you set up your heroes. You should steamroll him, especially with a Jason with both uniques.

thatshould be hit auto play, don’t even look at the screen, and come back when you’ve won. 

The point wasn’t on that guy! The point is that every enemy on my map have all divine and war blessings,including chaos gate. I am pretty good player,too.Chaos gate + superforged buggy statue=> invocation at the gate 

By the way,the main problem is lack of +15 opponents,their strengh is disputable.

The old forge system has nothing to do with the strength of GKs. This has already been debunked multiple times. The new forge system is much stronger for making a deadly gk. Much stronger. So you can take that excuse away.

If you’re a pretty good player like you say, you should be able to outfit one hero (not 10, just 1) that’s capable of beating most enemies     on your map. You’re not necessarily supposed to be able to easily beat every enemy on your map.

if you’re having trouble with with MOST enemies on your map, the problem is probably that you don’t have your hero optimized, but it could just be that you have too many trophies for your skill level/the amount of time you put in the game (not everyone can spend hours a day playing, that’s fine), and you should drop trophies to get easier enemies. Just a suggestion. 

I hope that ones who are actually important on this forum understand that this problem appeared since server update.

I didn’t expect that elite Mr (doesn’t) know it all equpied with super smart forged items understands it.

I will post more picures in future until something changes…

Please post more pictures. If you want advice, feel free to ask. If you just want to complain or be snarky, go for it! Your call.

Of the 3 you posted, only Odin should be difficult. The third you should be able to beat for 100% without invos if you play smart. That’s not at all an unkillable GK.

The fundamental problem since that server update has been players lvl130/131 who have very high trophies (so a +15 trophy gain for most) seem to not appear much anymore, they really have no cap at all and have been freed from us regular players attacking them, so they go off in to their trophy stratospehere with their uber power pheme lvls.  I’m on near 20k trophies and rarely see any of the top 50, just the regular high ascension titan league players worth +3 trophies, not that there is any point at all in gaining trophies - I have to lose them to stay below 19999. This truly was an update that served the top 50 players!! :grinning:  horrible, horrible update.

I’ve been attacked much more often since the last update, if it matters to you at all. It’s still mostly by zeus and hades, but the volume is way up. Unscientifically it seems like I get attacked twice as frequently.

Dumpster care to answer why almost every titan league Gatekeeper can kill my best war heroes in seconds while I arrive at gate 73% seconds?

With whole army?

Exactly!That’s the right reason for this server update. Once again,mother FG protected and tucked their children in divine beds.

  1. It’s not every titan league GK. @AK47NAPC has a very good one. There are plenty of very good gk’s in other leagues, as well. Jake Blues in your alliance has a very good one. Ask him what he uses to make it so effective. I guarantee you he has 2-3 high quality sources of damage reflection, lots of LoH and Health, and a source of area damage (or a couple of refined sources adding up to about 1000 points). And he’s probably not wasting any slots on perks that are ineffective, like regen, cooldown, demolition, or low levels of petrify/stun. There are great GKs in Proditors, in Ghostbusters, in Sword&Shield, in lots of alliances. It’s actually not very hard to make a good one!

  2. Unless you’re very confident in your abilities to kill GKs (like practicing on the players in your alliance who have good ones), why are you even bothering to fight the gk? You could avoid him and beat the map for 95% and 14 trophies. Every single person who attacks me (nearly) gets 95% and 14 trophies. Usually no invos. It’s not that hard.

Invasion of strong players with less trophies continues…