SK - the masters of fairplay?

I’m kind of astonished about the kind of fairplay that SK members have invented. I cannot recall for how many month I’ve read the whining posts from members of the current SK alliance about how unfair trophy stripping and pushing - second accounts and all kinds of tricks with game mechanics are.

Now they have invented this wonderful rolling concept of getting pushed and pushing others which easily guarantees them the spots 1-20 without real competition.


I just wonder how fair this is and who should now starting to cry. I see a couple of effects:


  1. Inflation: Every day there is new record mark set in trophy count within the first 10 Slots. Reason is because they are majorly pulled from below and only in minor situations distributed on the top.

  2. Frustration: I think most of top 50 players have given up to even try to fight for one of the top spots as immediatly when you get there you are almost the only target that gives them meaningful reward (loot & maintaining their position)

  3. Game Mechanic: the elite boosts seem to be more defence powered, it became increasingly difficult to attack a base of a top alliance member, so better don’t do it and give them their pleasure to farm you.

  4. Financing: Once this concept has setlled down Flare will kind of loose their best spenders as they are all formed in the same alliance and don’t need to battle or compete against each other. Lower ranks climbing will fall into the depression and not push a lot. Thats just a guess, Flare knows much better what income effect their mechanics have.


No closing comment. I just wanted to initiate a discussion here as I see other alliances members are no longer pushing for the lead anymore. And I’m sure SK members will have very good arguments to tell me in this post that i’m completly wrong with my assumptions :slight_smile:


Ah and not to forget, i want to congratulate to SK, technically this is just a perfect concept. I have to pay compliment for the idea and the well done implementation. At no doubt many (not all!!) of the best players have grouped up.


  • Free for all!




Wow, long well-written paragraphs! U have talent. :grinning:

The game has never been about fair play or skill, it’s a money making machine. The elite boost just rubbed salt into the wound. I actually have never tried to push for a high ranking the game just pushes you naturally.


I don’t actually know where the paid players find the fun. What do they actually do. I don’t even see them on the forums making thousands of suggestions for new content that they actually pay for. Let’s face it the game has never changed. In september they added four troops and in december they added a list, sorry alliances. and a few tweaks to the stats. Less than a days work for a hundred man team. It’s laughable really.


When I think what they could actually do with their man power, and with them asking for suggestions and never implementing any of them. They must be creating Royal Revolt 3, it’s the only explanation. But they would never tell the people who they want to keep on spending.

Long posts= giving me headaches!!!

First we are No1 only this last few days, all this time it was vanguard No1, so we did play fair and it took us time and hard work as a team to become No1. :slight_smile:

Second, im at lvl 20 and really to lvl up to 20 no one help me…

Its fair play and fun, and when we was No2-3 we didnt cry/left to other team, we just keep fight our way to the top, best regurds.


You have my dearest gratitude for posting this very helpful piece of information:

Your thoughts about the topic have lifted this discussion onto whole new level of intellectual geniusness! We all have to sincerely thank you for this valuable contribution.

Oh, what would we do without postings like that… :wink:


And to at least add something to the original post:

We wanted alliances - we got them! :smiley:

I see the investment protectors all jump in, remember these are not personal attacks on anyone, they are simply how people see the game and these people/members are used as examples. No one is trying to cause offense here.


I don’t understand why flare continue down the road they’re going there must be 1 of them that is a gamer and understands the concepts of that. It’s just a shame.

@weebo you wanna know what Player like me (yes i am one of the bad Player who spend money on this Game) do?

-Win every 3 Days the Diamond League ( i am so bad)

-explore Facebook (feed the data kraken)

-open an Youtube Channel for my Raid Videos

-make chats with RR2 Players (not only SK)

  • refill my trophys because low ranked players get for 20-40% raids against me more then i get from high ranked player with 100%.



Yes indeed some of the Elite boosts are to strong and most of them unbalanced.

Since the Monster rise up in this game it were more and more unfair because you need often to scroll.

Flaregames make this Game more and more pay to win. With every update you must spend more gems to play.

This Game is programmed by Flaregames not by the paying customers. Many Changes in this games are unnecessary.



But what have this all do with SK?

Why do you only complain SK, what about the other major alliances?

Many users have called for alliances, well now you have it. With the alliances the individual challenge has died.

Its about the SK concept; one leaves the alliance to push others. I have no internas but it seems to work like this: One gets pushed toRank1 for 1 or 2 days, after that he leaves and uses his trophies to push others. This seems to be a rolling concept as far as I obeserve it. 

I don’t complain about SK I complain about the people who spend the most money are allowed to be 1st. whether that’s SK or any other alliance. This goes for the leaderboards.


What I don’t understand if why you feel it’s OK to win like that, how can you lie to yourselves you know what you are doing. The fact is if you didn’t pay money you would be nowhere to be found. Then If flare added some skill to the game like some real strategy would you drop even further down the leaderboards. Also  rather than allow people to buy gear where they can nearly solo a base. Lets stop everyone at 12k health and 10K leadership. Then lets see how “good” you are.


I couldn’t care less about positions as long as the game is fair and competitive. And it isn’t, If you feel it is then you need to pull your head out of the sand.


We did ask for alliances and YES WE GOT THEM, It doesn’t mean we got them how we wanted them to play out. Remember the “leader incentives” thread where I tried to suggest ideas to make it better and it turned into “Why are you attacking us wah wah wah” The game will never change for the better unless the top players want it to change.

Who doesn’t want to be in the no. 1 spot? And as far as trophy pulling goes, it goes all the way down to the inactive 1000 trophy range unless you have found a major disparity in trophy ranges in the top200. Also what’s wrong with trophy pushing? Its not like stripping anybody of over 50 trophies because those who go down will again have to earn their way up.

Interesting thread, Ronny: I’ll follow it with interest.

Setting aside the very specific claims about SK’s conduct, here are a few notes:

  1. The “fairplay”, “concepts”, “mechanics” you observe in-game aren’t peculiar to SK; and in fact, SK isn’t the best exemplar of them among top Alliances (not even close). I realize SK is the focal point here because of the prevalence of its members at the top of the leaderboard, but none of what you mention was “invented” by our Alliance.

  2. Everything you mention with the exception of Elite Boosts has been a “feature” of RR2 for many months now. The formal establishment of Alliances has only served to form these matters into tangible and easily perceptible game dynamics.

  3. At risk of stating the obvious for anyone that would scapegoat a specific Alliance: Flare developed this game. They developed Monsters, Alliances, Elite Boosts and the monetization scheme surrounding them. They developed the leaderboards and the trophy algorithm that determines tactics for advancing through it, etc. in my opinion this doesn’t excuse unsportsmanlike conduct simply because there’s an “exploit” or “loophole” Flare has made possible. But the fact remains: these issues are the structural implications of Flare’s own design. In other words, you are simply describing the game Flare has built, as Flare built it. By definition, a few Alliances will play the game as-created better all others; but they are only playing the game as-created.

I won’t play the game of defending SK on individual points, even though this post amounts to something of an indictment of the Alliance. There’s nothing to defend. SK is full of players that have been in a group that long pre-dates 1.5.0. It is successful (to this point) because its members are consistent, hardworking, generous and loyal to each other and the group. There are no hacks, no exploits. We have paying players, and free players. Some members do leave to “push”, as you call it; but this is almost always in response to the aggression of a very specific sub-set of players, and the pushing hardly ever accrues to the benefit of top players.

The issues cited here are worthy of discussion, but don’t confuse them as “SK”-invented issues: that would be like treating the symptom rather than the illness. It is Flare that is the developer of this game, and the sole author of the reasons it is loved - and sometimes despised. The “concept” of “fairplay” that has been “invented” is theirs, not Burninator’s, Apocalypse’s, Vanguard Legion’s, and not SK’s.

You sure you can 100% maxed out base no scrolls simply by having king stats like mischreiber ? I’m not so sure about it after looking at how jewelmania had to use one blessing and one time wrap to 100% my base.Skills and strategy ? Very important even for paying customers in a pay to win game 

@weebowhy will you personally?You do not know me. You do not know what I can and what I can not.

how can you presume to judge me.

Flaregames offers the use of money to progress more quickly.

Each one is free if he spends money for the game or not,

as long as this is so, you should deal with it.


(used google translator)

Hi Sn1kt, aren’t you currently out and tropped ~1000 trophies? Has this happend due to “… in response to the aggression of a very specific sub-set of players…”?


I respect and understand what you say and hey i’m not saying that i don’t use mechanics in a way that the game allows but Flare maybe didn’t intend.


The main reason why i brought it up was that i observed whats happening and that i’m concerned that it will negatively Impact the top end gameplay. (maybe even SK players themselves becsue if you will be able to maintain this i guess that in 1-2 month from now the game will be very boring for top 20)


It might not be so important as this topic doesn’t Impact ~200.000 players instead its about the top100…

This is exactly right. Just review your own history. Soon enough, you will come across 2 players at comparable levels that have entirely different experiences against your defenses. One will raid your base without any scrolls, while the other drops 25 gems on you and doesn’t even clear it. Money and gems can level your base/hero and act as a crutch as you rise through the leaderboard, but assumimg a limited pocketbook it is only skill that will keep you there.

Don’t worry , if the game gets boring Flare will know and will act too as they wouldn’t want to lose their players right ? In fact they already informed us that they will release more alliance feature update , something like alliance war/event will be coming later (maybe soon) 


Pretty sure that’ll revive the game at the top end since like mischreiber said , the single player leaderboard is basically dead but also Vanguard or other top alliance could make it interesting by trying to dethrone SK’s top 10 but seems like their alliance lack teamwork 

Yes, and it’s about 500 trophies; and yes - without citing specific players or groups of players - it is, but suffice it to say there are still strippers (some of whom were/are beneficiaries of ploughing, etc) and major disparities created by their exploitation of the trophy algorithm. As it stands, there is no other way to effectively negate and rebalance this behavior. The food, time and effort required to climb back up the board (not to mention forfeiture of elite boosts and gold bonus while I’m gone)is at my personal expense.


If Flare came out with a Royal Revolt 3 it would crush the hearts of all the people who spent hundreds on this game because everyone will just switch over , but it would definitely be good for the Free players because it would provide a fresh good start to reach to the top early on before it develops.

then why are you dumping trophies on lower level base’s Sn1kt connection lost or something else  :blink: