SK Warriors Recruitment Thread

We are looking for new members to join SK Warriors alliance.

Currently we have 10 opening slots (we need max 8 new members as we always preserve 1 or 2 empty slots)


-have over 3500s trophies (>=4000s trophies is preferred)

-have Facebook account, and willing to communicate and collaborate w/ us, via FB and chatbox.

-ability to speak in English (we need to be able to communicate w/ you)

-active players and donate daily

-friendly and have gud sense of humor

-never spam your fellow members with your egoistic demands (doing this will result instant ‘kicked-out’ penalty)


Extra donations is highly valued, but not a must at this alliance. Elite boosts will be activated based on vote (democratic vote?), but not everyday as we are still trying to add more new slots for new members as our current priority.


We treat all members as family (we have our own FB group). And if you can play honest, mingle and stay faithfully for quite long period within our alliance, we will try to promote you to the next stage, to a much bigger alliance/family (that is my promise, and already proven)


At our alliance, leadership is collective, means each member has a chance to be a leader too. Existing leaders choose new leader based on your activity, personality and social skills. Passing leader position frequently happens during holidays season or exams period, such as now.


Apply here (reply or p.m.), provide me your FB account name, we will contact you after.

We look forward to meeting you and potentially bringing you into our family of Strong King (SK) alliances…(SK: Warriors and or SK: United Realms ) :slight_smile:

cheers !

i’ll  report  this  !!

good luck stronk kings! (as if you need luck lolz)

what exactly? I can’t see anything wrong in there. 

oh, no worries heroflorian, that yusuf loves to spam everywhere, here and even at FB groups. he just wants to draw attentions.

if any of u thinks u deserve to join in but don’t qualify all requirements described above, reply here, discuss here. no need to be shy. i’m open for healthy discussion.

lvl up, added new slots, more spaces for new members. w/ fully occupied slots we could have over 35% goldboost.

I will help with gold to the one that join sk warrior. :slight_smile:

We have extra openings… All of our active members will have exclusive right to join our FB private group too. All members r treated as SK family. U r free to ask questions, plan, discuss, learn from battle videos, meet top rank kings, receive private golds sharing, etc. Apply here or directly to SK Warriors.

Update info: level up to lvl.26 More free slots available. Come on join us. :grinning: