SK: Warriors

SK: Warriors

Level 58

Top 40

We are looking for new Strong Kings to join our family.



  • Alliance tower should be atleast Level 10 (250K donation) and working towards upgrading to alliance tower level 11 (500K donation)
  • King’s Level: 90+ (with a good stats and skills)
  • Atleast 4,000 Trophies.

Active player, willing to make daily donations and contribute to daily battles during war seasons.

Have a Facebook account, and willing to communicate and collaborate with us, via Facebook and In Game Chatbox.

Can understand and speak English. (we need to be able to communicate w/ you)

Friendly and have a good sense of humor.

Elite Boosts: 

  • Blazing Knight
  • Power Archer
  • Tough Barricade
  • Frost Trap
  • Stunning Ogre
  • Range Bomber
  • Storm Cannon
  • Raging Wolf
  • Dragofroster 

War Rules:

  • Must contribute atleast 3,500 skulls per tile.
  • 2 consecutive days of no participation without any reason = kick. 


If you are interested in joining our team you can apply here (reply or p.m.), or contact me in game.

IGN: Junel



How many SK alliances are there?

Hi Fresh! We have SK: United Realms, SK: Warriors,The Real Killers and Best both doesn’t have SK in their name but are created by players from the SK and they belong to our family. We also have SK: Dragons as a training ground for future Best players.

What about SK: United? Got an invitation from them last week

l respect the alliance SK but we must help players low to increase the futur to flaregames can still make updates to so tha alliances as Revelation is not take.not too to serious in the game we sum 

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then please comply with the welcome small alliances .


up! *update we are now in the top 30 and increased our level requirement to 90.