Skeletons as troops

Currently skeletons are only obtained by the summoning of necromancers. When we upgrade necromancers skeletons also get upgraded. We don’t have a slot in troop academy for skeletons. I don’t know what do they call such a troop. I suggest to add a special slot for skeletons. And instead of getting upgraded when we upgrade necros, we should upgrade it separately and forge separately. So we can control them how we want. And there should be separate boosts for skeletons.

The only way to obtain a skeleton in a battle is by using necros. So it means it have no morale points. So it cannot be copied with black or spirit morale. And cannot be used in defense directly. And we should replace the knights summoned when a surprise mummy dies or ruthless pharaoh calls, etc… with skeletons. So there can be more uses for it.

I dont get why you would want skeleton troops as perticullar its not bad but maybe you could have lets say a seperate tabs on the necromancer to forge the skeletons.

Why are you using giant red letters

Do you not like it? ?

It hurts to read  on mobile devices

To get us back to the topic, @True21, the reason this idea isn’t all that great is because skeletons are like Knights with less health and more weakness. I don’t think anyone would use them, as they would still be more deadly when used in packs from a Necro

Just think about how much stuff we already have to forge, how much gold our alliances already have to spend with boosts.
Now, do you REALLY want those changes to be in the game? ?

Plus, poor Mummy is already bad enough in it’s current state, why would you want to nerf it making them spawn a weaker troop? 

Skeletons are weak when compared with knights ! I always felt it was quite strong. Okay, if it is weak a strong boost can make it stronger. Upgrading and forging will make it strong. This will be only possible if you have a slot for skeletons. What is so wrong just to have a slot for skeletons in the troop academy?