Skill trees

I’d like to see how far people got down their skill trees by the end of the Conquest.

We did the 3 top, 3 bottom, 1 middle, the +100 troops/tower level and did +10 defence per hero near the very end. We had a library tower started the first evening and giving us points from the morning of day 2.

We are level 48 alliance in the middle Conquest tier (I forget the name - reward are single chests of pro, pals, etc). Our stronghold and all buildings were level 5, with a range of individual member building levels from 3-5 mostly - a couple have all 6s and a few have 1-2.

So, overall, we upgraded only 9 research skills. We found the price still very expensive.

How did everyone else do? Did you find things expensive still?

We did about 10, maybe 11, a few of us gemmed to get those done.

Alliances we were facing gemmed them all on the first day, at which point there was no point doing anymore fighting because a) even if we gemmed to catch up, we were too far behind to make a difference, b) we unlocked all the rewards anyway and didn’t get relegated, and only missed out on the defensive conquest boosts, so we might drop a few trophies, which isn’t a big deal (amazing how there is only a few offense boosts that matter at all after all this time, Vikings, necro, gargs, mortar etc. all still useless for attacking, I tried the, very expensive to maintain, double boosted Viking, but Wolf is still much better. even after the howl range nerf).

We did 7. We can do 9 but the research sources (books) were collected/available on the last day which we think it’s better to not continue the research.

ps. I still use gems on that situation, dunno about the other members.

We did all.not in first day, its unreal, but in  3-4 days i think

and i agree with Neilr. Without boosts nothing to do in conguest. 

Thats should be improved

I played in the 2nd highest tier.

The wisdom costs were really really really really high.


You guys are crazy and screwing the rest of us. ?


2nd highest tier too:

Without spending gems on extra resources my team got enough for only 10 of the 37 researches 
The wisdom cost is still too high, even after the last reduction

And gold cost is too high as well
I didn’t check the cost for the entire Tech Tree this time, but the last 5 researches alone were over 19M gold! 19M gold only for the last 5!!!

Gold isn’t the problem, wisdom is, conquest feels like before they limited the war attacks, when the best player was the one who shared his account so they could attack non-stop for 24 hours earning 2% skull bonus each time, and everyone was playing crazy.

Now the crazy is in gemming to rush the conquest resources, if you don’t gem like crazy, you lose, doesn’t matter if you win all your battles, just spend gems, and nobody can even attack you anymore, it’s become the situation where someone could pay for infinite range perk on sonic blast and think they are brilliant beating all the bases (this doesn’t exist thankfully), but instead it’s infinite gem spend on conquest resources.

Well, the gold cost is a problem if you consider that only 5 researches (of 37 in total) already cost 25% of what you can get as total alliance gold reward for playing the Conquest

It’s the same question that was made before:
Is the gold reward really going to the alliance treasure or being fully spent during the Conquest? And if that’s the case, is it at least fully paying for the Conquest costs?

Its exist, i mean this cheat engine for some playwrs who doing scroll free bases with 6 bomb towers near the gate without hummer and sonic

You should spent a lot of gold uts true. Dnt know how many but think like 200 mlns may be

another side for vl aa example its nothing cuz we earn like 130 mlns per day