Skin contest! Design a troop skin that will be implemented into the game!

Kings and Queens,

As announced we have introduced Skins for your Units and Obstacles into the game. These will become available with the Royal Festivals, that we will host each month.

In our upcoming version, we want to include a new troop skin that is designed by the community.

Contest notice:

Contest process:

Stage 1- Draw and design

Please draw or design a picture of 1 troop skin that you would like to see in the game.

It has to be a troop skin for either: Knight, Archer, Paladin, Ogre, Froster** , Gargoyle, Cannon, Pyromancer, Mummy, Arblaster, Werewolf, Mortar, Monk, Necromancer, Viking**

You have to draw by yourself. Don’t take other artists work and hand it in for credit.

Stage 2- Upload

Once you are happy with the design of the skin, please upload the picture to either Facebook (beneath the contest post in a comment), or Twitter using the hashtag #rr2fancyskin or on the forum (in the event thread). ONE entry per person.

Don’t forget to mention your in-game name, otherwise your post does not count.

The drawing can be submitted in whatever format, as long as the pictures can be shared on Twitter, Facebook and on the forum.

Please leave the pictures online until the winners are announced.

Stage 3- Let the community upvote your skin suggestion

Then it is time for the community to get active! Make sure you vote for your favorites (like the posts on Twitter, Facebook and on the forum)!

Stage 4- Final in-game survey picking the winner

The drawings that receive the most likes on each respective platform (2 from FB, 2 from the Forum, 1 from Twitter) will be chosen for a final in-game survey, in which the entire community can vote for their favorite option amongst these 5 finalists.

Stage 5- Implementation into the game

The option with the highest votes will be implemented into the game. We are aiming to release this community skin for version 5.0.





1st place from the in-game survey: Sanzu set (Pro-Set), 5000 gems, the new skin

2nd place from the in-game survey: 3000 gems, the new skin

3rd place from the in-game survey: 1500 gems, the new skin




Participation period:

Stage 1,2,3: Now until the 11th of March 9:00 UTC

You have to upload your drawings by then and votes will be counted until then.

Stage 4: We will send the in-game survey via in-app message on the 13th of March. Votes to that survey will be taken into consideration until th e 18th of March 9:00 UTC. On 18** th of March the survey will be closed** and we will announce the winning skin and the 2nd and 3rd winner. We will pay out the rewards when announcing the winners.

Exception: The new skin will be transferred to the winners, once the new version is released.

Stage 5: We will implement the skin into the next version. Once the new version and skin is released we will pay out the new skin to the winners.




Eligibility criteria – developer notes regarding entries:


  • A lot of the animations in Royal Revolt 2 are based on the character, so participants should not change it to something else like the Werewolf holding an item, the Knight using two swords instead of one and so on. The overall attack needs to be the same so that the animations fit.
  • Some changes of the silhouette are ok, but the skins should keep the overall physical proportions of the character as well.
  • Be as creative as possible! However, naturally, the skin design needs to be clearly presented (e.g. not lost within a background) so that the winners can be faithfully re-created as closely as possible to the original design.
  • The characters that wear clothes (such as the Knights) should continue to wear clothes :slight_smile:
  • Please be reasonable with the designs (no inappropriate designs, or designs that are racist, related to politics, religion, or content that could be offensive), and no designs that are associated with other brands or products. We also reserve the rights to disqualify and remove any entries deemed inappropriate during the entire duration of this content.


For more details on the terms and conditions please check below.

Good luck and we are looking forward to the designs!



Terms and Conditions of participation for contests on various official social media channels of Flaregames


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1. Eligibility

All contests are brought to you by Flaregames and will be governed by these rules. Each contest is open to legal residents of their respective countries where not prohibited by law, who are 14 years of age or older at the time of entry and who have Internet access and a valid email account. All decisions of Flaregames regarding this competition are final. Employees, directors, officers and principals of Flaregames, its subsidiaries, affiliates, contractors, agents and members of their immediate families or households are not eligible to participate.


2. Contest Rules

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3. Prizes

All prizes are personal and non-transferable and no substitutions of prizes will be available (except that Flaregames reserves the right to substitute a prize of equal or greater value for any prize).


4. Selection of Winners

The community selects the 3 winners via judging process from all eligible entries in the final in-game survey. Flaregames will confirm the results via the Royal Revolt 2 Facebook page, the Royal Revolt 2 Forum and the Royal Revolt 2 Twitter in March 2019 and this decision by Flaregames is final and binding. Winners will be notified via the specific social media channel. Flaregames will transfer the prizes to the IGN mentioned in the winning post. Each participant is responsible for making sure the In-game name stated was written correctly and is mentioned in the participation post. If the In-Game name was spelled wrong, a substitute winner shall be determined by the same procedure. No guarantee is assumed for the announcement of the winners.


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7. Exclusion of participants, termination of contests

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9. Contact

Holy cow, this looks amazing!! I can’t wait to get started on this!

I wish my drawing skills weren’t lacking.  Can i get a friend to draw it for me lol

I hate drawing contests…sigh…i am so not in to art and craft?


I thought about the skin that necromanser meets the background of winter.

Pale skin color Purple lipstick
Always calling dead soldiers She has a sad expression.
Olive colored sweater purple crow feather hood decoration on black coat
Frilled cotton pale skirt highlights her femininity.
The long black hair makes it clear that the way she comes is on the snow.
Some of the necromancer sets are equipped with her

The book’s fang extends like a rib.
It took a lot of calcium to grow

I painted easily with paint and mouse.

my IGN:KAPLAN MT    unitname : necromanser


Hi guys,

Please don’t forget to post your in-game name. Posts without it will not be considered ? .

Also, please mention the troop your picture is for (in case it can be unclear). And keep them coming! Awesome posts! :slight_smile:

And I think it is best to not quote my original post :grinning:

 Paladin. ign Overlord Grid


a new Mummy … more egypts like

just a fast Scetch…

IGN: Papa Soto 

mummy.jpg (0 Bytes)

Necromancer 2.0

I created

IGN: Guerrä


Necromante 2.0 By Guerrä.jpeg

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so monk is the only  unit  that don’t look BA when it should live up to his name as a MONK  don’t mind my drawing i think u get the concept i tried my best to draw it clear but i think it will be a great skin for monk, the flying orbs are for healing power i can’t draw it fat so in other words just remove the hoodie and give him a bald head and a long hair tied that way with some healing orbs IGN: G1nasis 

Based on some suggestions this monk will be named rey mysterio monk


PS: his legs are so broken HHHHHHHHHHHHH don’t mind my drawing again  hope u like it 

O Melhor desenho até agora parabéns ???

@G1nasis, is you picture based off the last airbender?

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I hope you like my drawing!

It’s a mortar :wink:

Ign: [LAT] LokiLugotorix 

20190220_222530.jpg (0 Bytes)

Not looking good but I hope you like the design. Canon

IGN: Inmortach(jqsp sors) C281995D-B65C-49D8-9962-F23BFC0AE45B.jpeg (0 Bytes)

Here’s mine, Birthday Cannon skin

Happy 5th!

IGN: " Lord French Fry. "

Ign: Alemão o terrível

Alliance: Brasil1


Ah… That time when the Legendary Super Sayajin Necromancer defeated the Android Ogre…


I’m gonna vote just to see it called the “Super Sayajin Necro” and when she fires her lightning bolt, it will be blue instead and look like a Kamehameha :wink:

Unit: paladin

IGN: Lord Barnot