Skin league

If you know the monthly festival, you would know that you can get skins. What if you didn’t buy all the skins. There should be another chance for you to get them. There could be a skin league. If you are in first place in the league, you get a random skin that you don’t have. You need medals to win, just like in the normal leagues. If flare puts this into the game, I recommend putting it in version 5.0. I hope you use this idea in future updates flare! Hope you guys like this Idea! 

Interesting idea, would be kinda fun to battle it out in a competition for a skin. The problem I see with this is that a ton of players have no motivation to get skins cause they give you no advantage in battle, they are only cosmetic. If this was a league with a reward of gems PLUS a new skin, that’d get the attention of many more players

Yeah, you could win a few gems too, good idea. That would actually get me interested in that league too!?

How 'bout this.

Rank 1: 100 gems

Rank 2: 75 gems

Rank 3: 50 gems

And all the other ranks : 10-15 gems

Tell me if that’s too much gems.

Oh! And excuse me flare, do I need to put my name from the game too? If so, I’ll put it just in case!

IGN: Lordlegitkid

For leagues, we need more than just a few measly gems for the work we put in during a competitive league

Btw, you do not need to put your IGN when suggesting 

  • Ok, let me work it out again
  • Rank 1: 400 gems
  • Rank 2: 350 gems
  • Rank 3: 300 gems
  • And all the other ranks : 150  gems
  • Is that good?

Sound like an interesting suggestion…

For the people who like skins at least.

I don’t think that’s how Flare is gonna tackle the fact that you can’t purchase past skins though.

In the past, pro-league also had random items for a set of N weeks and we also never knew what items to expect next.

But… They did implement the current Pro-item Shop we all know of.

So that’s my bet, I think they will implement a Skin shop somewhere in the future :slight_smile:

Yeah, I hope they add that. But this is an Idea if flare doesn’t  add a skin shop.

Hi there, Thanks for the idea :slight_smile:

I agree, the idea of a skin shop could be more interesting than the idea of a skin league, therefore I am ruling this one out.

Ps: No, that does not mean a skin shop is planned or anything like that ^_^

Thank you.

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