Skin purchase on items

I am not a big fan of skins… they are cosmetic, but I guess it’s a big part of gaming income in general. I will admit that. I will also admit that some skins/outfits, look really cooler than other. And in some games you could argue that you may require camouflage skins to better hide yourself in battle, but this game isn’t one which will offer you such a choice and advantage.

It is however a thing. I am not talking about a few color skins, that you can change (for free) for your heroes, which is already part of the game (I believe uniques of heroes unlock those). I am suggesting, to be able to purchase via gems, some skins on ALL the outfits/items you equip. You can start with the existing skins, so if I have some dark gray skin boots, and I really like the silver ones, I pay like 20-30 gems to change that (each time). The effect is permanent, not transferable to other skins, or when you sell that item, and so on. It’s a one time deal, and you may pay to change it out again. Of course you can see the skin on your hero before you purchase it. There are some crazy skins out there, like a pink sword… so who knows? Making your hero look good (even by one’s standards) seems to be something people care about. The graphics were amazing in 2016, and to this day, much better and realistic than most games, so the impact of skins would be worth it and noticeable.

Like I said, I am not a huge fan of this, but it is a thing, and I can’t think where to spend my gems (especially since the daily rewards introduced), I would certainly use it a few times, on my favourite heroes. If the implementation isn’t that hard, as the functionality is there, it could be worth it.