Skip Facility in COF

The Chamber Of Fortune is going consuming too much of my time.

If there were a skip button, I would be grateful. As in this new version Uber chest has arrived… I dont need those common items, Epic items , Rare Itema Or Legendary items…

Granny is already in the town… I will use her for mealting items…

And I more request remove the Luck perk from the uber criteria… It meant only for COF…

COF sucks my playing time…

I can never get the gems in the COF, there’s no point in trying my luck& wasting my time in that chamber except in the war season. So, give me a Skip button in this Chamber or Put your Phone no. In of the box Alysea ? I’ll try to get this always…

IGN: Key-Men

That is the most pointless complaint I ever saw. 

And this ? Seriously ? You are the reason girls should hide their gender when playing online games.

why are you so much smoky?

is there something that relates yours?

dude, come down…

I was referring something else by that.

I came to support Schmouck. Your message looks wth a bad intention. And by the way, I also agree that this must be the worst complain I’ve ever seen in this forum.

I agree. 

Reference to our community manager this way is disrespectful. 


And who would say no to cof. The gold or random items Obtained are useful for melting.

@karman, the only worst part is COF is wasting too much of my playing time… I can never get the gems in the box… So, better have Alysea’s PHN, then I’ll be satisfied…?

@vinnypooh, who the hell cares about gold & random items. It’s all in the user chests. Above all Granny is in the town…

COF is useless without war season

But cof items are still fully free.    Why say no to free items?  And I have gotten 50+ pearls many times.   Though never got gems for a long time.

u want pearls, use this event for pearls… Today blacksmith event is going to start…

still COF sucks too much of playing time… Skip button is much needed…

CoF not even takes 30 secs from your time, it’s not much time at all.

Also, we don’t have Blackie event all the time, so telling Vinny to use it for pearls in an exclusive way is a bad suggestion. We can get pearls without event anyway, and for that we need items too, some that we can find for free on CoF, without having to pay 500k gold to Granny, which is a lot for buying and item that possibly won’t even give you 10 pearls for melting it. It seems you’re the only one who doesn’t care about free random gold and items on CoF.

None of us can get gems on CoF without paying gems in the first place by the way, so putting that on the table is a bad excuse too.

You’re still asking for Alysea’s phone number, you sound like a stalker with bad intentions. 

Key-men : the guy that promotes hacking in other threads :

  •  (photoshop, glitch or Hack)  quoting Key-men : “There’s some programmes, which lets Blue-Stack players benefit. You can try it yourself… It really works… I suggest not to use it too much… Flare can track it… Till now My other IGN is not tracked. I m happy about it…I’m happy with it. hacking rocks.”
  • _(dungeon help) quoting key-men "_try it from Blue-Stack installing it on your pc. There’s some programme which will give you unlimited free scroll & no cool down… "

is telling here that “COF sucks my playing time”, and on the other hand promotes spending gems to buy at Granny’s. "who the hell cares about gold & random items. . Above all Granny is in the town…"

As a free and as a consequence  very patient ( :slight_smile:  ) player who also doesn’t use hacks (all conditions that don’t seem to apply to Key-men), I appreciate Cof’s ,the free gold and the pearls I get from time to time.



you want free gold & gems then watch videos… COF sucks

Even if you create a new Forum user, you are still an idiot.

This guy is basically asking for an in-game ban. 

And now he’s using bad words when we thought he couldn’t fall lower. He’s asking for a ban on both game and forum :wink:  

KeyMen, let me tell you something, no one needs free pearls and gems from hacks, only immatures who can’t stand losing, have no patience, have no skills, and can’t do anything fairly by their own means.

Wtf? I don´t even need hacks to win the game. You just need some skills, good strategies, patience and then you can win easily. My account is level 67, and has 2100 trophies. I reached that limit by battling a lot with ONLY 2 spells slot and 2 troops slot. See, just need good strategies and you win without spending gems. And COF is the best thing when raiding because I can get free good items without spending lots of gold. So this is the worst complaint I have ever seen.

Using hacks to be able to win against any base is like using god mode
in other games. I can’t understand, why someone would do that? Where’s
the fun or the feeling of an achievement? All gone … you should better
watch TV :stuck_out_tongue:

Cof rocks for free and semi paying players like me. I use the 3$ monthly package at times.  Good deal. 


Anyway,. Being abusive helps no one.   

That goes to you too…

You are the loser of all the time…

you are missing the real fun part. You don’t even get counted.