Skull and trophies reward

I have a big remark on a player 20 levels higher than me ripping 15 trophies and over 1k skulls just like that. Rule should be simple, attacking a higher level more skulls, attacking lower level less skulls and trophies. No items were used that is what makes it so bad. 

Players are worth different amounts of skulls based on level (the equation is 7L+350 where L is level). So at level 95 you hit max skull worth at 1,015. If you attack anyone lower leveled you won’t get max skulls, but if they attack 95+, they’ll get max. So that feature is already implemented to some extent

That’s assuming no one has skull bonus 

I am level 86 tho :slight_smile:

So? Be glad, then players can’t get max skulls by raiding you. In fact they are not smart, since a level 95+ hero gives max skulls. So in fact they are throwing away skulls by raiding you.


Maybe he’s highest level/beatable in his alliance. From time to time I have to fight players for 900-some skulls (that’s with sb!) simply because their alliance is so weak and they don’t have 1000+ players (cudos to rr2 war matchmaking btw).


In war, you should expect people to beat you unless you have good defenses. If they’re level 100+ and can only beat an 86, they’re probably not very strong, or not very courageous.