Skull Bonus On Uber Items!

I’ve found Uber sword (Chuchunya) and uber gloves with skull bonus so far. I did try to get skull on pro belt, ring and cape but failed and stopped after wasting many gems. Are there any other uber items with skull bonus like UBER(Belt, Ring and Cape)??

Diamond ring which has heal aura and skull perk

Items you can have skull perk (SP) on:

  • Weapon, Gloves: perk only obtainable by default (buying/chests), not via forging.
  • Cape, Belt, Ring: perk only obtainable by forging (perk on the right).

So the answer is no @PrinceDastan, you have to reforge the item to find the skull perk on those items.

Chuchunya.png Krenko'sRevenge.png Pickaxe.png Rankor,Warmaster.png Shillelagh.png Testament.png UnburialRites.png

CorpseShackles.png Izor,Warbringer.png

Diamond Ring.jpg Andvari'sRing.png

Don’t bother buying or forging skull items that aren’t at least lvl130.

If you can’t spare 5000 pearls every single week for skull% forging, don’t bother buying or forging skull items yet.

Trying to get skull perk on cape, ring and belt might take dozens of tries. Be prepared to spend a few thousand gems on this process.


Weapon - invest in a weapon with a usefull left perk (1 - hero scream unit speed, 2 - scream). Don’t invest on a spell perk weapon.

Ring - Healing aura or kickback. Don’t even bother with anything else.

Belt - any pro belt will do. Again, don’t invest in a spell perk belt.

Cape - any cape with speed as the left perk

Gloves - either a scream attack rate  OR the Horko’s curse pro gloves.


Don’t waste resources (gems, pearls and pro crystals) on other items, because all those resouces will do to waste sooner or later.

Focus on the above mentioned items only.

Thank you again. I understand now that ring, weapons and gloves can be found with skulls. But for cape and belt I have to forge them to get skull bonus. So I’ll better level up to 115 before trying to get skull bonus on Pro Belt, Ring and Cape. I wanted this answer to make sure I don’t have a choice to obtain skull bonus except for removing right perk and forging them for 6 months. 

And I know quite a bit about usefull items to get SP on. Just thought I could get all items for free.

Well… On weapon plus gloves you won’t be able to get skull perk by removing the perk. So only option to get them is by finding or buying them.

And indeed, be ready to spend thousands of pearls in case you are unfortunate, but even better advice, be prepared to wait an extreme long time before getting the skull perk on an item.

I don’t see swords.