Skull Bonus Perk



In connection to this thread (Skull Bonus on Amour) we want to explain the “Skull Bonus” perk to make it clear for every player who wants to know more about it.


First of all we want to thank PicklePete for the post in our forum!

It was very helpful in many ways, since it started new discussions about how the skull calculation works and how we can optimize visualization in the future.

We understand that the UI solution for the bonus war skulls perk is not optimal at the moment and we will continue improving it.


Concerning your statements about the bonus war skulls perk on any of your uber items, the bonus works on all battles you fight in a war. It is not the case that only your three best battles are affected by that perk.


It is important to understand that the bonus war skull perk is working different from the bonus skull percentage which increases after every lost war.


Please notice that the bonus percentage from the war skull perk raises the base amount of skulls you can earn in a war battle.


Currently the player can see all bonus war skull percentage previewed in the loadout of any war battle.

A difference is only noticable when the player switches out pieces of his gear.


We have some pictures for you to make it more understandable.


This is the amount the player would get without skull bonus perk in a battle.

Without Skull Bonus


This is the amount  the player would get with skull bonus perk in a battle.

With Skull Bonus


Example Calculation:



If you have questions, just ask me. I will try to answer it. :slight_smile:





Great appreciate the information :slight_smile:


Could we have information about the Luck stat also? Or is it like  10% luck just means 10% more chance to get a chest without the death head?

Can flare just not rid us of the skull bonus perk?  It’s got to be the least fun perk ever, only good in war, with a 1/30 chance of getting it, and adding nothing to the hero stats at all, it’s really a big FU to the players.

Thank you Lisa for trying to clarify!

But your example calculation is not correct, maybe in the 293 bonusskulls some out of a chest are included?

That can’t be reproduced by me!

665 vs. 620 skulls equals to 7.26% perk-bonus.

First, that the base is increased by the perk is clear.

With your example shown, would mean, that you get the perk double - first increase base amount and after battle again with regular war bonus together?

If correct, the bonus would be ~324skulls, which is little bit higher than your example.

But the truth is: the real bonus is much lower!

It is according to my calculations shown in the post, you referred to.

The calculation picture is not a picture from a “Skull Bonus Result”. I took this one only to show you where and how the skull bonus is added with different colours.


And yes, it is like this.

With skull bonus you have an higher base amount of skulls which means you will get more skulls for the first 3 battles. And you will get the (at the moment I think 3%) skull bonus for every battle in the war. So if you have an higher base amount, you will get more bonus skulls.


They are hoping that competetive alliances will be money milk cows so they will play the casino roll over and over and spend many gems to try get this perk on the gear.

That, I do not understand.

Means the example you have posted for explanation of the skullbonus perk is not a valid one?

Or does that mean, that the figures on the right side are no screenshot?

I am not stupid, that was not the question.


The figures in the real screenshot (corresponding to the right collum of your calculation) are not correct ones only with regular war bonus (5% in your example) and skull bonus perk (~7,26%).


That is the correct description and is, what I have meant.

The perk-bonus will apply to all base amounts only.

The bonus the regular skull-bonus (starts at 2% and depends on the success in the season) is apllied afterwards.

That means, the real benefit from skull bonus perk is only for the top 3 battles, because the other battles only get 2% out of the additional base skulls (between 30 and 60 skulls)

That is only 1 skull for the skullbonus perk - additional to the regular skull-bonus for all allymembers!!!

The pictures from the results with and without skull bonus (Link 1 & 2) are real ones with the same account on the same player one with and one without skull bonus perk.


The other picture is a random one, just to have a picture to show where the skullbonus is added.

As I said in the picture (“Let’s assume we would get…”) it’s only an example calculation with a random skull amount to show how the skull bonus perk works. 


I don’t think the real benefit is the one of the top 3 battles.

Should I calculate it with 10 battles and 2% bonus skulls to show you how I mean this?  

It would be sufficient, if you show the calculation (not the results only).

Still I have to say with your “random” figures, the bonus-skulls would not add up to the shown 293 bonus-skulls without skulls from chests.

If i calculate it accoording to your first explanation I would end up with ~461 bonus-skulls.

3 x 45 (increased base amount) = 135

4 x 5% x 665 = 133

4 x 7,26% x 665 = 193,12

Real observations ingame lead to an amount of 268 bonus-skulls.

3 x 45 (increased base amount) = 135

4 x 5% x 665 = 133

Which means, you get only 5% of the perk-bonus for fights after top 3!

Regular bonus without perk-bonus would have been:

4 x 5% x 620 = 124 (as your screenshot shows too)


Thanks for your response, but I’ll have to respectfully disagree.  I did understand fully how it works, just don’t like how it works and especially that I spent hundreds of gems based on the incomplete in-game description to get them.  With a 5% skull bonus the most you can win in your bottom 7 raids is 1 skull per raid, and for an entire 10 battle war just 190.  


Here’s the math for Kingdoms with 1000 skulls, a 5% armor skull bonus and a 2% alliance skull bonus assuming three crown success in all battles:



With armor bonus: (1000 * 1.05) * (1.02) = 1071 skulls won

Without armor bonus: 1000 * 1.02 = 1010 skulls won

Armor Bonus = 61 skulls per raid, or 183 for the war




With armor bonus: (1000 * 1.05) * (.02) = 21 skulls won

Without armor bonus: 1000 * .02 = 20 skulls won

Armor Bonus = 1 skulls per raid, or 7 for the war 


The numbers don’t improve much for a top-level 1015 kingdom, and fall dramatically when you count for the fact that it takes two pieces of armor to get to 5%.  


So for an entire war the bonus on 5% equipment is a whopping _ 190 skulls _.  You can get that from two chests in the chamber.  For an entire war season assuming two fronts in every war you are still talking less than 1800 skulls, or less than the first two Common Magic Chests.


Yet Flare asks for 50 or so pearls to increase this by .1% with a 66% chance of failure.  

EDITED: Thanks to guanerie for fixing my mistake!


The Great Jimingoes have a 2% bonus this season, and look to be staying there.

Thanks Pete for showing the same like me, but with proper and more understandable wording.

The only difference are different figures (base skulls, armor and alliance bonuses) and a small miscalculation :stuck_out_tongue:

The real bonus is even lower, as the armor bonus for the top 3 fights will be 61 skulls each only (1071 - 1010) instead of 71.

That means, the entire armorbonus for a war will sum up to unbelievable 190 skulls only!

But the main problem is absolut correct:

You will get only 1 additional skull for the bottom fights 7-10! At max!

For lower bases it may be even 0!!!

I don t like skull bonus perks, neither do the huns, so we kicked skull perk and deleted all traces of his / her existence from our alliance annals.

We the hun have nothing to do with skull perk

ok, here the proof for our calculations and that even the screenshots you posted are not true!:

I made the first 3 fights and got (with 3,9% armor skull bonus):

base amounts 1054+1047+1040=3141

ally skull bonus 3141 x 0,02 = 63

skulls from chests (I fought the top 3 of that ally) = 100+99+98

Overall 3501 incl. 360 bonus skulls (which do not include the armor bonus skulls at all, only ally skull bonus - 2% and skulls from chests!!!)


The 4th attack:



skulls from chest 98 skulls:




I gained 119 skulls with the 4th fight:

1054 x 0,02 = 21 skulls

plus 98 out of the chest

without armor skull bonus I would have got 118 skulls:

1015 x 0,02 = 20 skulls

plus 98 out of the chest

  1. armor bonus skull is not shown at all in the stats showing the overall bonus skulls for the actual war

  2. the screenshot you posted with 293 bonusskulls after 4 fights is a LIE! that amount is not possible without chest-skulls

maximum with the figures shown would have been:

4 x 665 x 0,05 = 133

  1. the maximum you can benefit from armor skull bonus is 1 skull for fights 4-10!

Don’t understand what’s the enthusiasm about this perk… Please enlighten me whoever can.


  1. You spend a fortune to get it.

  2. The skull addition you get is laughable (calculations shown in posts above).

  3. You give up other very important and useful perks that could help you win more battles and fight much higher skull rewarding bases.

  4. It only works half of your playing time - during the seasons. so you must add more slots to your inventory room, cause after the season, it’s useless.

  5. When you level up and this skull perk gear becomes too weak for you to wear - you need to throw it away and begin forging new gear again to get this useless perk.


So? What’s the big deal here?


Smithy is a useless scam.





Ed, at top level new better gear is pretty rare and not always necessary. Skull gear can decide wars in your advantage, especially if more members of your alliance have it. And as you might know, top level is all about alliance wars nowadays.

Thk u

agree with vester the entire game is about alliance wars.  i try to remember what i did b4 wars.  i wait forever for break to be over

Lmao skull perk is the most important perk Mr. Edward.I have a 2.5% which is huge cuz at top level you win sometimes by 10 skulls diff.Yes its only during war season, I use farmer perk during normal raids.See ? I have 3-4 gears for each category from helm to boots.Meaning different perk to choose from.

True… And that s the reason flare is not going to change the blacksmith system now, top alliances (so around 600 people) ae investing lots of cash to get all the perks they want and need, playing the roulette system of blacksmith, spending pearls and gems

Maybe if those guys are equippee, and then all other players ignore the smith things will change

I like the perk system, because you can enforce your own raiding style / strategy

I hate to pay for randomness…