Skull bonus wonders

Help needed to understand the skull bonus poll issue.


Will try to attach the skull bonus map after day 1 of wars.


1st place: Thailand +3.5%. 2 wars lost, 1 won

2nd place: India +3.1%. 1 war lost, 2 won.

3rd place: Genie & Master +2.3%. 3 wars lost, 0 won…


By all the information known to me about the skull bonus poll, Genie and Master, with 3 wars lost must have been at 1st place with the biggest skull bonus.

Can anyone explain what has happened here?

Sorry, can’t upload the picture. It allows me to upload only 116 bytes…

You gain bonus by the skulls you earned in the battles you lost. For example if A loses a battle with 100k skulls he has the same percentage as B who lost two battles with 50k skulls each and more bonus than C who lost three battles with 25k skulls each.

Thanks Vester. :slight_smile:

Also u can upload pics by first removing the ones u hv already posted! The option is there in ur profile settings.

PS - some crazy thing u guys hv come up with G&M nd G&M.?! :slight_smile:

Also, bonus for battle generates at the moment of beginnning.


The battles, which ends later - had no effect on the percentage of initiated fight.


Even after one second. You just do not have time to notice and understand what were the percentages at the beginning.

What’s next? G&M… :slight_smile:

It’s a nice idea though but takes a well coordinated nd loyal bunch of members, if I m not thinking wrong!

The bonus is a bit more complex too. It ll go down if u win, but by a small amount!

I m keeping clear of the booze this year!! New year resolution! So no beer effect. :grinning: