Skull bonus

Someone know if is there a cap of the skull bonus? I saw that higher is the level of the item and lower is the percentage that increase at every forge. So that make me think there’s a cap… 


its “capped” at 7%, the % added per forge when you get near is tiny, and gets less the more you forge such that no one actually has 7%.

There’s 5 slots you can get skull perk on, so 35% total.

As far as I know, nobody has higher than 34.5% skull bonus.

34, 6 as i know, dr Razz

Okay, then I need to change my spreadsheet and add that last value. 

I have the formula for determining your current skulls per raid, based on your skull percentage. I also have the information that shows how much percentage still is required for an additional skull per raid. That can be handy to know. When you just need to forge one or two skull perks for that additional skull, it can be a good investment.

When Dr Razz reaches 34.58%, his skull amount per raid is 1366. He needs 34.68% for 1367 skulls per raid. I wonder how many skull forges he already did in total.

This is not interesting)

in top wars matter not how many scull bonus have biggest player

matter is how many have lowest))

Also for that the sheet is interesting, that is also displayed (skull per certain percentage). 

And you mean the lowest one of 45 top players who raid, since their skulls count.