Skull Difficulty in War prior to Strike

Skull difficulty of Islands in War cannot be seen until after the strike is started. Previously, when you clicked on an island, it showed skull difficulty prior to initiating the strike. New in iPhone v5.0.2, the difficulty is a mystery until after the strike is launched. I’m not sure if this is a bug or intended new behavior.


The skulls are the same as before, can also be recognized by the size of the buff given to the unit/spell/structure. Its not ideal, but work with these 2 elements to the best of your abilities, until it is fixed.

It should be fixed I believe, it is important to be sure what you hit. But it’s not completely blind for an experience player/officer.


You can see the skull before strike when you click on the lightning bolt icon to view the launch page.

It would be nice to see the skulls after the strike and also the skulls of all the other islands even if that island isn’t available for a strike.

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Nice. That’s good enough for now. You can’t click that while you’re on cool down. So it’d still be nice to see which difficulties will be available while on cool down for planning purposes. But that’s cool for now.


Agreed. It’s frustrating no longer being able to see the skulls on the map. As you said, you can only see the difficulty when you are able to launch and you click onto an available island. It would be good to see difficulty of all islands to help plan. I get experienced players already know the layout - it will be a really help for the novice players. @CaptainMorgan, do you know if this will be addressed in the next release?

We plan to improve this with 5.1.0.