Skull difficulty

Can someone please remind me of the defending bonus for each skull level during wars?


Thanks in advance.

1 = even

2 = 25%

3 = 50%

4 = 75%

5 = 90%

Nice.  Thanks Dumpster

Apologies, unless I misunderstand how the bonus level works, I think this is incorrect @dumpster

I’m seeing

2 skull @ 20%

3 skull @ 30% or so

4 skull @  ? Need to calculate it  

5 skull @ 62.5%

the in game graphics bar is grossly incorrect, they imply what you say above but the maths seems very different.

 The pictures below are for a 5 skull battle.  They show that with nearly a 3rd of points the alliance on the left is still behind. 

I guess this need sposting in bugs? Wanted to double check here first. 

Skulls difficulties seem crazy though… I’m not complaining but they make no sense… you have to squeeze everyone to fulfill that handicap ?

I’m going to post this in the bugs section and see what we get. 

I almost think a better way to have skull difficulty move up, rather than the player deciding, is to have it move up after each war. For instance, the first war on the first day would be one skull and then the next war 2 skulls, etc. This would work with bigger wars as well

So what’s the current stats for each skull level? Has it been confirmed either way?

Yes, it would be nice to get some developer confirmation if possible. Thanks!

This was from the launch of version 4.0 which changed the skull system. A later change modified 5 skulls to be less than 100% but the others are unchanged.

Do the math in the example you posted. Divide the score of the attacking team by the score of the defending team plus the score needed to take the lead. The defending team gets an 80% bonus.