skull feature

Which one should I use? which is better?

boostés 61 fois wouahhhhhhhh


agree. Not good enough… And the 24% of fear is half the one we can get in uber ring. Must be inceased.


I mean fear for weapon, but it’s the same for gloves

use my fear in the gun

Horokos is better 

Yep, Horokos is definitely better. You have 6.5% SP on those gloves after 61 forges, but 6.3% on the gloves that you haven’t forged yet. That’s definitely the better deal


Is the translocate perk that good?


The faster attack rate in the uber gloves is not awesome, but provides a bit of help against gate towers.

Remember the Horko’s is a Pro item so give a Pro bonus

Translocate + 6.3% SP + Pro Bonus

for me its obvious Horko’s is the winner here.

For my level the Uber only give me 1.6% SP and the Horko’s glove give me 4.2% SP. That means all

Translocate perk is not good. Your ennemies will come back in a bigger wave

During war raids, most players aren’t interested in the pro bonus, they need items to increase the odds to win the raids. Special perks are interesting, otherwise they need to be leadership or scream in my case. For weapon I have fire staff and am now working on winter club that makes troops get faster. As gloves I have indeed the hero scream.  

When I compare the pro weapon and glove, my current one have better stats.

Having said that, it depends on the fact what max skull percentage is of a pro item… If pro gear weapon plus gloves can be forged in skull percentage higher than 6.9, for example to 7.2%, it might be worth it, otherwise it’s not.

If skull perk would be on zombie gloves, it would be very interesting, now it’s not (for skull gear, it’s interesting for other raids). We can’t turn gloves and weapon into skull perks by removing second stat, so other pro weapons plus gloves aren’t interesting.